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Day 10 - Anjuna to Vagator, Goa

Jay spends a relaxing day in Goa taking a break from the road.

The lovely little guest house right on the beach at Anjuna for Rs 200 a night.

I woke up at the crack of dawn in my little guest house and went exploring around the beach at Anjuna. All the shops were shut and it was lovely to be out without the hassle of having to buy some trinkets from the Kashmiri vendors. The beach right there wasn't a place to swim as the waves comes crashing ashore against old volcanic rocks. The force of the ocean is slowing eating away at the coast and since some old houses are now in danger, a concrete wave breaker has been put in place.

The waves crashing ashore at Anjuna and eating away at the coastline.

In the morning, I got in touch with a Kodai friend's parents who are living in nearby Vagator and they invited me over. I moved a few kilometers and then was welcomed into an old Goan home with a beautiful energy from peaceful souls. The heat of the day was spent under a ceiling fan and surrounded by good conversation and chai.
An 'en-lightened' Buddha at Sri, a chill restaurant at Vagator.

In the evening, we went to the beach at Vagator and enjoyed the almost gale-force winds coming ashore as we sat on the cliffs and watched the stars come out. The day finished with a light dinner at Sri, a chilled-out restaurant with divans and an open roof.

VIDEO: Jay sends you a video postcard from beautiful Anjuna Beach!

Distance clocked today: 5 km
Total distance clocked: 2,229 km

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Goa's quiet country roads are away from the regular tourist traps.

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Flags flying, horns blaring, the Howrah-bound Amaravati Express charges down the gradient somewhere between Alnavar and Londa railway junctions.


Harish Kumar, a software ... more 
Flags flying, horns blaring, the Howrah-bound Amaravati Express charges down the gradient somewhere between Alnavar and Londa railway junctions.


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