How to cool off after a fight with your spouse!

Washington, August 21 (ANI): When it comes to domestic fights, there might be days when you find yourself seething with anger directed towards your "better-half".

Huffington Post has come out with ways to cool off and avoid further damage.

To de-stress after a marital spat, indulge yourself in a hot bubble bath, or spend some quiet time doing a repetitive task until you let go of your anger.

At times, being silly and laughing it off completely cuts the chances of a heated argument.

If you enjoy driving, you can get into your car and go for a 30-minute drive while listening to soothing music.

Those 'madly in love' can admit their mistake, express their undying love and mean every word of it, to make your partner forgive you instantly. If you are the one upset, just take a look at your wedding band let go off your anger from ruining what is so precious to you.

Some may even look at the larger picture and let petty things pass instead of creating an issue out of it.

Those who have bum-chum pals can take some time off and talk it out with them.

The fitness-freaks can go on a long run or hit the gym and channelise their anger towards constructive things.

At times, hearing out your spouse in silence could be the best solution.

Last, but not the least, "make-up" sex works for most people. (ANI)


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