Congress takes on Modi for targetting Gandhi family

New Delhi, Oct. 26 (ANI): The Congress Party on Saturday hit back at BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for targetting the Gandhi family, saying people of the country are aware of their sacrifices for the nation.

Congress leader Girija Vyas said every political leader has the right to participate in elections and hold rallies, but he or she should not cross the level of decency while doing so.

"I think what he said even the people of the country will not like because this family has given so many sacrifices for the country," said Vyas.

"The entire country is aware of the sacrifices made by the Nehru-Gandhi family for the country's welfare," she added.

Vyas said that it is the UPA, which has worked for the benefit of tribals.

Addressing a rally in poll-bound Rajasthan's Udaipur District, Modi earlier today said the patriotism of the tribal communities inspires us even today.

"If we look at 1857 rebellion, history is testimony to the fact that tribals were the first to challenge the British. Their patriotism and sacrifice still inspires us," said Modi.

"People remember Jallianwallah Bagh, but people of the region have not acknowledged their role in their fight against the British. Rana Pratap spent his life in this region, preparing for his wars," he added.

Modi alleged that Rahul Gandhi does not trust the Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan Government.

"Rahul Gandhi came to ask for support for Ashok Gehlot, but the question is does he trust Ashok Gehlot? Does he trust his own Chief Minister? If he did, he would not have gone to Gopalgarh without informing him," said Modi.

"Let me ask you: can you trust the Chief Minister that 'Shahzada' doesn't have faith in?" he added.

Modi said the Congress arrogance has reached its limits.

"Tell me: is the government accountable for its actions? They question BJP, what did you do? They said they will control inflation in 100 days, tell me what happened to inflation?" asked Modi.

"When Vajpayee left the government, comparing the inflation from then to now, it makes me wonder if the poor can even eat in this country," he added.

Modi, who was flanked by former Rajasthan Chief Minister and BJP state president Vasundhara Raje, also raised the issue of inflation and rampant corruption to criticize the Congress.

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate said that instead of talking about people's welfare, Congress is running family serials. Modi alleged that the CBI is being used for political purposes

Rajasthan, which is currently governed by a Congress Government, votes for a new assembly on December 1. The counting of votes will take place on December 8. (ANI)


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