Cloud computing

Trudging through the trail of 2012 tech stories and yanking out the best was an onerous task. After much scrutiny, we have unearthed the absolute best.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Cloud computing has been a buzzword for a few years now. But in 2012 it has really taken off. Initially only adopted by small and medium businesses the trend is slowly catching on with bigger companies as well.

The Wall Street Journal reported in July this year that eight out of 10 Fortune 500 companies are already deploying cloud services on their IT infrastructure. Cheap hardware, affordable connectivity and more reliable cloud computing solutions are fuelling the growth of the cloud.

Questions about cloud security may continue to linger but that hasn’t stopped CIOs from deploying cloud-based services. The biggest adopters of cloud computing continue to be SMBs who derive maximum value due to its pay-per-user business model. Larger companies see value in spending more on the cloud when they are getting rid of legacy systems and have the opportunity to move to something new.

The potential of computing on the cloud is huge and it is expected to touch $55 billion by 2014 and $241 billion by 2020. Unless there is a huge security catastrophe because of a hacker attack, the cloud is here to stay, and continue to grow.

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