China to open future space station for training of foreign astronauts

Beijing, Sept. 18 (ANI): China has expressed its willingness to offer training and experimental work for foreign astronauts at its future space station.

Deputy Director of China Manned Space Agency Yang Liwei, who became the first astronaut of the country to go into space in 2003, said many countries submitted proposals to the Chinese government during the development of the space station, China Daily reports.

Yang further added that China has been involved in a host of cooperative projects with other nations to get familiar with their techniques and experiences in order to boost the research and development of the space station.

China and Russia have collaborated on astronaut training, spacecraft technology and extra-vehicular suits, the report added.

China is also cooperating with French counterparts on a variety of experiments in astrobiology and space medicine.

Yang also said his agency has signed many agreements with universities in Hong Kong to conduct joint research on space technology. (ANI)


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