Cheat your way to stress-free wedding planning

Cheat your way to stress-free wedding planningCheat your way to stress-free wedding planning

Don’t sweat the small things

It’s understandable that you want every detail of your wedding to be perfect, from the invitations to the napkins. But ask yourself this; is it really worth the stress? Spending hours choosing the font for the save-the-dates or the type of ribbon that’s going to wrap around the cutlery could be better spent elsewhere; for example, going for a leisurely lunch with your hubby-to-be, catching up with your bridesmaids over coffee or spending the time choosing more important things such as your wedding dress. No one is going to notice the finer details like you think they will, so what does it really matter if you choose calligraphy or a printed italic font? Or if you opt for plain place cards over patterned? So long as you choose patterns, colours and details belonging to the same theme, your choices won’t look out of place. 

Don’t always put your wedding guests first

Sure, you want to impress your wedding guests and show them a good time, but at what cost? Endlessly fretting about your second cousin’s fickle veganism or your friend’s date’s snobbish food habits will only result in a) an embarrassing meltdown in front of the wedding caterer or b) a rash decision to feed the entire wedding cheese sandwiches.  You can only care to a point – it’s your wedding after all, and you have been generous enough to want to share it with these people. They will be grateful to have been invited and those with serious concerns or needs will either let you know or they will sort themselves out. You can’t think for other people. The same applies to any tiffs among guests – they’re all adults so let them do the worrying rather than you, otherwise it will take up too much of your precious headspace.

Keep things simple

A bridezilla trait is to want to outdo previous weddings you have attended and make yours the best possible. But this competiveness can cause stress as you put more and more pressure on yourself to host the perfect wedding. Do you really need canapés? Do you really have to have different drinks to accompany each course? And is there really a need for three different wedding entertainers throughout the day? With each added extra comes more pressure, so just cover all the basics with perhaps the odd added extra. Sometimes the simplest of weddings can be the most successful, as guests can relax and truly enjoy themselves. Bacon sandwiches and beer? Why not!

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Your bridesmaids aren’t just there to look pretty on the day of your wedding you know, they’re supposed to be your ladies in waiting. You should employ their help and start delegating tasks to them. Don’t stop there either. The best man, your siblings and close colleagues can all pitch in too – many hands make light work remember. Wedding to-dos you could hand out include writing and posting the invitations; collecting the dresses and flowers; buying the disposable cameras; preparing the wedding favours; creating the seating plan and being a point of contact for any guest queries. Understandably there are certain things you will want to do yourself, but everything else can be dished out to reduce your workload.

There’s no such thing as ‘too early’

There are no rules which dictate when you should start wedding planning. Within half an hour of your proposal, a year into your engagement or the day before your big day – it’s up to you. A good idea though, is to start as early as you can and spread everything out as much as possible. There’s nothing worse than feeling pressured into choosing something important due to time restraints. You want to be able to relish in hours of trying on wedding dresses and enjoy whole afternoons wandering round wedding venues. Get the fiddly things out of the way first such as your guest list, the seating plan and budget and then just plough through the rest in plenty of time. More time equals less stress, plus there’s nothing more satisfying that being able to say, ‘I’ve done that already!’. 

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