CA, ECB blasted for being pro-BCCI

Australian Cricketers' Association hits out at its parent Board for 'sidling' with the BCCI.

In the latest addition to cricket's ongoing power struggle, Australian Cricketers' Association president Greg Dyer has hit out at Cricket Australia and England Cricket Board for siding with India instead of South Africa in their bid to bring in a new order of governance in the sport. A report filed by Australian Press Association, however, also stated the ACA as saying that the ICC, in its current structure, had failed in its role of developing the game.

Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) President Greg Dyer hit out at CA and the England Cricket Board (ECB) for choosing to "sidle up" to India instead of teaming up with South Africa in the ICC power struggle.

Dyer accused CA and the ECB of short-mindedness in their bid to join forces with India and control world cricket under a proposed new governance model.

The ACA has come out in staunch support of the international cricketers' association, who are lobbying for a 'no' vote when the proposal is considered by the ICC board in early February.