"I burnt 27 kilos in a year to be football-fit"

This graphic designer from New Delhi gorged on junk food for years. His reckless lifestyle was pushing him to the edge, but he couldn't care any less. Till a sudden breathing problem shook him up!

From Fat to Flat
Then: Weight: 97Kilos, Waist: 34in. Vices: Chips, maggi

Now: Weight: 70 kilos, 39in, victories: confidence, learned to push himself

Then: "Being very competitive in nature and a sports lover, I was unable to match the fi tness levels of most guys my age. A real scare occurred when a sudden case of palpitations and irregular heartbeat struck out of nowhere just before bedtime."

Now: "I started off with running every evening for about 20-25 minutes and played football. It meant I was doing High Intensity Interval Training, stopping and running at full speeds, which is great for weight-loss.

How: "The whole process of sprinting at full speed and stopping greatly improves speed, endurance and constantly keeps your body guessing. Not only does it burn a ton of calories, it singes more calories even while you're resting."

Then: "I was a big fan of momos, aloo paranthas and maggi. Somehow I always skipped breakfast and had potato chips for lunch. And in office, pizzas and burgers became a daily affair because I did not fancy cooking at home."

Now: "I got into the habit of eating a hearty breakfast, mostly skimmed milk with cereal or toast with low fat cheese. But a cup of green tea after each meal made all the difference as it made me

"Skipping breakfast results in higher glucose levels in your system, which is linked to diabetes and obesity. Also, adding a cup of green tea after my meals helped me shave off a lot of weight as it is rich in antioxidants, which burn fat faster."

Then: "There was hardly any muscle in my body. And working in a creative fi eld meant staying late in office. So I used to snack on junk food. After offi ce, my friends would diligently hit the gym but I'd go to a pub, then reach home and eat late."

"I bought some light-weight dumbbells and did higher reps, mostly working my chest, lower abs and obliques because that's where fat is visible. I changed my routines periodically but running remained the constant in the long battle."

How: "The reason I lifted lighter weights, doing more reps was because I wanted to gain lean muscle mass. My goal was to increase endurance in my muscles much more than adding muscle mass which is why this suited me best."


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