Bitter Sreesanth rants about Slapgate on Twitter

Says “backstabbing” Harbhajan elbowed, not slapped, him.

S. Sreesanth took to Twitter this morning to vent his bitter feelings about the controversial incident involving him and the then Mumbai Indians captain Harbhajan Singh in the 2008 edition of the Indian Premier League.
Upset by a media report that compared that event to a skirmish between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir last night, Sreesanth flooded his Twitter stream with his thoughts on the subject, saying he was not slapped by Harbhajan but elbowed in the face – and that he was not going to hold back on the subject anymore.
He said he was stunned to see Harbhajan, someone he “worshipped” as a hero, become “a backstabbing person.”
“Enough of this s#%^t. Stop it. I can't keep silent anymore,” Sreesanth tweeted.
“Bhajji never slapped me. All I did is play the game the way I had all my life. He lost it badly. Being the captain of Mumbai he lost it.”
Sreesanth, writing in broken sentences, added that advocate Sudhir Nanavati, who presided over the long-drawn disciplinary hearing of the incident “knows the truth” about Harbhajan going “completely out of control” during the customary shake of hands after Mumbai’s game with Kings XI Punjab.
There’s a video of the incident that has never been aired to the public, but was used to nail Harbhajan’s guilt in the Nanavati hearing.
“I want the world to see it (the video),” he said. “When I went to shake hands after the match, he had lost it. He had already planned to hit me (elbow me) all his anger.”
“All blamed me for getting emotional. C’mon, who doesn't get emotional when you know the person who you worship is a backstabbing person and when you start to see the big change in person who you trust so much, the world comes down. That’s what happened. He never slapped me.”
“It was not my fault at all.”
“I had enough. I was scared, really scared, not anymore. Can't take this s*** anymore.”
Harbhajan was banned for the remainder of the 2008 IPL for the incident and also fined his salary for the season. He was also banned from the ODI squad briefly, missing the 2008 Asia Cup.
He and Sreesanth have since figured multiple times in the Indian team together, most notably during the 2011 World Cup and seemed to have put the incident behind them.
Since the incident, their rosiest on-field collaboration was in the 2010 Hyderabad Test against New Zealand. Sreesanth’s resistance in a tenth-wicket partnership of 105 runs helped Harbhajan complete his second Test hundred.