Bhajji gets into showbiz

Spinner cuts a video, reveals movie plans.

He may not be taking a lot of wickets, but Harbhajan Singh knows what it takes to remain in the news. So he has taken to Youtube to speak about the Punjabi language in a video titled Ek Suneha.

Harbhajan has been tweeting about the video, asking his fans to go check it out. Hindustan Times quoted him as saying that he is also planning to produce films.

"We have planned two Punjabi films, casting for which has already been finalised and shooting will begin, in Punjab and overseas in May," Harbhajan said. "Bollywood stars will also be signed for the films, apart from existing superstars of Punjabi films," he said without revealing much on storyline and lyrics of the upcoming films.

The video Ek Suneha, we are told, is aimed at the vulgarity in Punjabi lyrics aiming to demean women. This isn't quite Baz Luhrmann telling us about the benefits of sunscreen. Viewer discretion is advised!

Here's the link.