The best make-believe roles parents love to play

The tooth fairy

The tooth fairy is a special role as it can only be fulfilled at a particular time in your child’s life. Unlike Santa Claus who pays a visit every year, the tooth fairy may visit fleetingly across a few months or over a year when the child is at that certain age. Parents love to play this role as there is so much magic that surrounds it. You can tell your child stories of how the tooth fairy picks only the finest teeth to be kept in her fairy castle, or how the money she swaps the tooth with is magic and will grant a wish. This is a significant time in the child’s life too, which is meaningful to parents – their little one is growing up and gradually losing their baby features. Sneaking into their room while they’re asleep to leave a shiny coin beneath their pillow is a fun and magical role to fulfill.

Father Christmas

Whether dad chooses to dress up in a red suit and don a fluffy white beard, or whether mum sneakily steps outside to ring some sleigh bells to excite her children, embodying the spirit of Father Christmas himself has to be up there in the top things about being a parent. Not only is there so much mystery and magic that surrounds Mr Claus, it’s being able to treat your children to gifts and surprises. Some parents take great delight in making the spirit of Christmas come alive by making Santa’s presence oh-so real, by nibbling the carrot the children leave out for Rudolph and leaving foot prints by the fireplace.

Scary monster

Being scared is a love-hate emotion with children – they love the thrill and the adrenaline of being chased and caught, but get the jitters from anticipating what will happen. One thing’s for sure though – they love the reassuring cuddle they get from mum or dad afterwards. Parents will happily get into their role of a sneaky tiger or terrifying ogre if it will thrill their little ones. Crawling along the floor or stomping and shouting pretending to be a giant in search of children to eat, are all part of your children growing up and will make memories they’ll remember into adulthood.


Every little boy wishes they could fly a plane, and nothing thrills them more than dad whizzing them around in a box with makeshift cardboard controls, pretending they’re flying through the sky. None of this would be possible, of course, without the strong arms and expert sound effects of dad. It doesn’t stop there, though. Parents are pretty good at pretending to be tractors and sports cars as well as the classic make-believe horse for their child to ride round the garden.


Superdad to the rescue! Every kid will go through a phase of thinking their mother or father is the best thing since sliced bread. Children will be in awe of the things that their parents can do that they can’t, such as driving or a hobby such as horse riding. Parents will play on this amazement their child has by pretending they’re a superhuman, making even mundane activities become part of their superhero façade – fuelling up the car turns into “Let’s go in Wonderdad’s supermobile to get some turbo fluid!” and shopping for groceries can become “Entering the secret realm of flying-enhancing food!”

The Easter bunny

Who doesn’t love the Easter bunny? The excitement that your kids just cannot contain when they’re told to stay inside so they don’t scare off Mr Bunny, and their faces when they run out into the garden to see that the trees and bushes are concealing chocolaty treats. But how did they get there? Well, it turns out that mums and dads are very good at pretending to be cute, furry little animals and leaving goodies for their kiddies. The thrill of finding sneaky hiding places for the Easter eggs is a joyous task for mums and dads each springtime.



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