Beating the blues–a new way

Depressed? Try these new tricks to wind up your mood and get you buzzing around again…

Beat the blues - a new way!Beat the blues - a new way!Prescriptions of anti-depressants seem to be ruling most of our lives, with hectic lifestyles and busy schedules. Workplace stress and peer pressure is enough to send anyone into the deep blue recesses of depression at some point of time. Discover instead, new ways to handle stress better. Read on…


Be it twitter, facebook or just a casual hangout with your besties, studies show that spending time with good friends and like-minded people can have positive effects on your health, and can work wonders in curbing depression. Indulging in some ‘healthy’ gossip and spending quality time with your friends can turn up your happiness quotient in a matter of minutes.

Treat yourself

Shopping is a good stress buster and can literally get you back in a cheerful mood within no time. Make sure you only buy stuff that you’ll really use – this can cut down your guilt afterward.

Pet your pet

When you are depressed, it’s time to give your pet a treat. Cuddle and play with your dog, or just take him out for a walk. If you don’t have a pet, well, here’s just another reason to get one.

Grab those headphones

Music has helped millions, especially teens, cope better with stress and depression. A few minutes of some good fast numbers puts you in a jolly mood and clears away residual tension and stress from a long day’s work.

Get angry-birdy

Don’t be surprised if your kiddos are obsessed with angry birds. Clearing a few levels of the game actually proves to be a healthy outlet for your anger and other negative emotions. Download angry birds for your cellphone, for those moments when you’re low and need a good boost.


Researchers bet on cooking as a great way to unwind. Integrative medicine practitioners combine cooking and meditation to induce relaxation and calmness in their patients. Since cooking engages all your senses, they are actually much better at curbing depression than a bar of chocolate, or a tub of your favorite ice-cream.

Get into your sanctuary

Your sanctuary is your ‘personal space’ that instantly revives you, freeing you from your worries. Each one of us has a different comfort zone. It may be a walk around the seashore, or staring at the starry night from your apartment, it can be anything that gives you that serene, peaceful feeling you’ll never want to fade. Discover it, indulge and see for yourself.

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