Bang on for the Money

How much value have newly-bought IPL Players brought?

By Jaideep Varma and Jatin Thakkar

We look at the 28 players who were traded publicly in IPL 2012 and determine their value to their teams in terms what was spent on them and what kind of an impact they had.

It would have been great to do this across all players playing in IPL 2012 but it is not possible to do that given that their latest money values are not public. The story from just this is rather interesting too.

It is interesting that Delhi Daredevils have the highest impact value player this year (Bracewell) and also the lowest (Jayawardene). The latter is a high impact player and a costly buy whereas Bracewell was a very smart buy – however, so far, DD has not given enough space to Bracewell to strut his stuff.

Rajasthan Royals has spent wisely this year – Cooper, Hogg and Hodge their best buys. As per career T20 impact numbers, Dinesh Chandimal has been an outstanding buy – but unfortunately, he has not played much yet in IPL 5 – perhaps something they will rectify later. Maybe they will do the same with Sreesanth – who has yet to play this year (despite a very decent T20 impact, without considering the impact Harbhajan Singh made on his cheek in 2008).

Deccan Chargers have done poorly by not playing one of the highest impact domestic batsmen in T20 history (for whom they got for a superb price, perhaps by fluke) Daniel Harris. He has played just one match in IPL 5 – and even his relatively mediocre impact in that puts him in the top 5 impact values here. With this kind of thinking, it is not surprising that DC is languishing at the bottom of the table this year.

Kings XI Punjab made some smart choices – Miller, Mahmood and Faulkner justifying their price-tags. It is unfortunate that Mahmood’s visa issues robbed them of one of their highest impact players initially, and Gilchrist’s injury has further compounded that problem. However, having the likes of Romesh Powar in the wings (not bought for a smart amount, given his poor impact in T20 cricket) does not augur well for them – they have the worst bench-strength this IPL.

Royal Challengers Bangalore bought two talismanic players at a relatively good price – Muralitharan has been under-utilised perhaps, but Gayle has been making up for that somewhat with signs of yet another remarkable IPL season unfolding for him (RCB benefited from IPL internal rules in this case, as they were able to retain Gayle at a reasonable price, with some controversy). Lightning looks like striking for the second time this year though, given how Gayle is playing. Given RCB’s low impact Indian talent, this is probably RCB’s best hope.

It is interesting to see Sourav Ganguly on this list – the only captain here – for Pune Warriors. His X-factor captaincy has seen him bring out the best from a low impact side overall – and the value of that transcends all that Impact Index can calculate here.

Kolkata Knight Riders have done reasonably well with Narine but not so much for what they paid McCullum. M de Lange has not proved a great buy, but having played just one match, it is not fair to label him a failure yet.

Mumbai Indians have strangely not used Herschelle Gibbs or Mitchell Johnson (the latter may be injured though) - a waste of their resources given what they paid for them. Even though Peterson turned out to be a good buy, RP Singh perhaps has neutralised things on that count in those quarters. High impact and expensive Thisara Perera has failed in the one match he has played in, so it is early days to make a judgement here. 

For Chennai Super Kings, Dwayne Bravo has been good value for money – his high impact this year a big plus for the defending champions. Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja hasn’t done badly at all in IPL 5 but given the whopping value he was bought for, he is not likely to be a value player, regardless of what he does in this IPL.

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