Awkward Honeymoon Moments that Bring You Close

Honeymoon is the grand opening ceremony of your new life, sans the audience. This little trip without your family members, actually eases the moments of discomfort and uneasiness between the two of you. It is on your honeymoon that you get to know each other better. And, in this process, you both come across many such moments where you might feel a bit awkward. But over the years, these uncomfortable moments bring you closer to each other. So, let’s have a look at a few such moments.
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First disagreement after marriage

It is on a honeymoon that the newlyweds are left all alone, away from the family glare. Hence, they tend to get a little over-protective. This non-stop caring might make your partner a bit irritated. And this, finally leads to your first argument. Well, a little fight is not always a bad thing. The key is to know when to step down and say sorry. As this is your first fight ever, you might feel a little awkward initially, but over the years you will laugh over such silly memories. The more you fight, the more you feel the need to make up. This little gesture actually brings you closer as a couple. 

Your wife catches you eyeing another girl

There is a vast difference between catching your boyfriend staring at some other woman and catching your husband doing the same. Boyfriends can be pardoned, but husbands cannot be. You are caught for the first time, so better be ready with some witty answers, such as ‘she looks so skinny ‘or ‘I think we went to the same college’. If everything else fails, just be honest and apologise. These little imperfections will bring you closer. What you need to do is delete those awkward moments of silence when such a thing happens. Just take it lightly and share a hearty laugh together.

You find out that she snores in bed

An American survey has revealed that this is one of the most frequent awkward moments on honeymoon. So, guys! If at all you find your wife snoring in bed, do not get scandalised. Just ignore it. Also, just laugh about it, if the episode randomly pops up in your discussions. If you lie, your girl will apparently take it as an insult. And, girls! If you get caught red-handed, no need to go into lengthy explanations. Just accept it!. The more these little flaws come to light, the stronger your relationship will become.    

A walk into the shower

This mistake can seriously leave you embarrassed. Firstly, you should always be careful about these things during the initial phase. Secondly, if such a thing happens, the ability to laugh and say ‘excuse me’ will allow both of you to get normal easily. Agree to it or not, this awkward moment will become one of the most romantic ones few years down the line.

It is these uncomfortable moments that actually bring you closer. They make you accept each other’s flaws and raise your love quotient.


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