Australia, you little beauty! India, lost all the booty?

Impact Index review of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy

- Jaideep Varma & Jatin Thakkar

Did a new generation of Australian world-beaters just get established in this series? Have India lost all the gains of their recent conquests? Does this series give us cues?

Impact Index presents its series report on the India-Australia Test series at the end of the 3rd Test as the series is not open any more and the fourth Test reduced to a formality that will be played out with different levels of motivation and intensity than what has unfolded so far (and clearly, somewhat different personnel too). We felt incorporating the numbers from that match in the overall series report will not provide the truest story of the series.

In any case, impressionistic viewing and conventional statistics hide some of the compelling stories of this series. Impact Index tries to bring out a few of these.

Here is an overview of the 25 players who have played in the series from both sides, arranged in descending order of impact made in the series.

IMPACT numbers in the first three columns, conventional averages/tallies in the next four.

NOTE: All IMPACT numbers between 0 and 5.


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