Ashton Kutcher wants Demi Moore to sign confidentiality agreement

Washington, June 1 (ANI): Ashton Kutcher is willing to give his estranged wife Demi Moore all of the financial records of the technology business he started after they split, but only if she signs a confidentiality agreement.

According to TMZ, the former couple's divorce is being bogged down by various financial demands the actress is making.

Moore, who's worth a lot more than Kutcher, wants, among other things, a piece of A-Grade Investments, a company the actor founded with mogul Ron Burkle.

Sources connected with the couple has said that Kutcher is scoffing at Moore's claim, since he founded the company-which invests in tech start-ups-after he split with her.

But it's been revealed that he is willing to let the 'Ghost' star and her lawyers look at the financial records of A-Grade, but only if she signs a confidentiality agreement.

She signed it, and it's now been filed with the court. (ANI)


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