8 Things Women Hate to Hear

Women love to talk, but when it comes to listening there are a few restrictions that need to be kept in mind. If you want to strengthen your relationship with the women folk in your family, neighborhood or friend circle, then keep a few precautionary rules in your mind while talking to women. Let us figure out the don’ts or rather the 8 things that you should not say to women.

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"You are so beautiful, but why are you still single?"

Ok, being beautiful does not mean that a woman has to get betrothed the moment she turns 18. It is also a matter of brains, which will make her choose the correct life partner, rather than simply getting wooed by any Tom, Dick and Harry.

"When are you giving the good news?"

This is for all the married women, who still don’t have their bundle of joy. Women hate this question and this is a complete no-no thing in a conversation. So please, before you try and get cozy, know your limits, or else she might simply hold the door for you.

"Let me introduce you to so and so."

This is more of a nightmare thing for women, who are singletons. The very statement highlights that you want them to meet some prospective groom, a topic they might hate. So don’t even think about it, because women know what they want and will prefer to choose on their own.

"Maybe you are not trying hard enough."

Of course she is! At least, she knows she is, so it is not appropriate to blurt out the truth so blatantly. Even if she is not, then choose your words, by suggesting a way rather than saying she is not trying enough.

"Use this time to work on yourself."

Well, this is one of the conversation spoilers. Women love to believe that they know what is best for them and more than that, they also believe that they are striving towards it. Even if they are not, they believe they have master plans to work upon, so when one says ‘work on yourself’, it is just a mood spoiler and next time you may not be a part of any of hers conversation at all.

"When are you getting married?"

Single women hate questions about marriage, especially once they have attained or crossed the marriageable age. It is not that they don’t believe in the institution, but repeated questions about it can make them completely irritated.

"You are so lucky."

Every woman loves to think that she has the most difficult life, and if you go about stating that she is lucky, then you are doomed. This simply hints that you are inconsiderate and mean that her life is a cake walk and you hardly see her work hard.

"Why are you dressed like this?"

‘Excuse me?’ might be what you hear. It implies that she knows she has dressed well and pretty decently, so there’s no need for correction or a statement of affirmation from anybody, especially on her dressing sense.


Just keep in mind the above no-no’s and you’ll strike a good rapport with every woman, right from the singletons to the happily married.


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