8 Surprising Things That Turn Men On

There are some obvious things that turn on a man, such as the ability to strike an intelligent conversation and confident body language. But, it is also surprising that how quickly men can get turned on by pretty ordinary things that women do. Men are not entirely complex and you will nod in agreement once we reveal their secret turn-ons. So, brace yourself!

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Dress in his clothes

Walking around the house wearing your man’s t-shirt is a definite tickle to his senses. So, slide into his wardrobe and slip into his favourite tee. The idea definitely has a subtle sensational appeal to it. 

Straight out of the shower

Seeing a woman coming out of shower tends to excite a man really quickly. Wet and tangled hair and little droplets of water on your skin will drive any man mad. Now you know, why rain dance sequences are so famous in Bollywood movies!

The adventurous you

Your guy has already seen your feminine side but he would also love to see the wild and adventurous you! Men do like to see women go biking, trekking, hiking and doing some mud-sweating work, occassionally. Plan an outing together and see how it strokes his senses. Play rough for he might like to reward you later!


Dirty talks are not just limited to the bedroom! You can titillate your man's senses with meaningful texts too (if you get what we mean!)Surprise him with your unexpected 'sexts' and you will have him gasping for sure. Tell your guy a dirty joke, especially when he is away on a trip! He will be yearning to get back home.

Yoga aasans

Even if he does not practice yoga, seeing you in all those aasans and postures will definitely get his mind racing. He will start thinking about different other purposes where your flexibility and agility can be put to. Fantasising is always fun, right?

Smooth tresses

Does your man like to play with your tresses? Surely your smooth hair draws him closer to you and makes him crave for more. Your sweet fragrance and your soft hair are your weapon to turn him on. They would definitely make him want more.

Play with your lips

A man finds it hard to resist when a girl plays with her lips. Any gesture with lips just knocks his socks off! When a woman slowly bites her lip or bites on something seductively, the guy cannot help but get drawn towards her. Just one look seals the deal for them! Remember, just a slight sensual suggestive play is enough.

Good sense of humour

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to impress your man. Everyone has their bag of jokes, but it is up to you when you play your witty cards and blow him away. Let some giggle sneak in your interaction and smile away the night.


As you must have noticed, it does not take much to excite a man. Therefore, you need not fret nor work too hard, just use these tips and watch him swoon for you.


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