7 Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant

Motherhood is certainly one of the most coveted gifts bestowed on women. Once you become pregnant, your life undergoes massive changes that are not only restricted to the physical appearance but also affect your emotional balance. Priorities change once the baby arrives and you need to prepare yourself to make the experience smooth and enjoyable. But before you start charting your ovulation cycles and popping prenatal vitamins here is a list of things to do before you get pregnant:

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Romantic getaway

Photograph framed with kids in arms depicts a complete family portrait and is good to look at, but changing diapers, constantly running around to feed them and visiting children’s park and amusement centers is sure to make your holiday a tiresome one. So take a break, and go on a vacation in the pre-baby period at a romantic location. Remember to book your room in an adults-only resort to have a romantic time of your life.

Junk food

Pregnancy is all about balanced and healthy diet which has to be followed rigorously, even post delivery. As far as possible, it is suggested to go for organic food items, freshly cooked food and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to balance out the nutrient intake for self and sake of the baby. So indulge in some junk food sessions once a fortnight in the pre-pregnancy period, it will help you cut the craving in the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Action packed thrills

There are many such activities which you would never think of doing once you become a parent. You might not be able to enjoy brave escapades later on with your little one depending on you. So, enjoy and relish the carelessness in life. Try some risky adventures which have always tempted you. Bungee jumping or skydiving could be on the list of to-do.

Exercise more

Physical exercise under proper guidance is so much required during pregnancy. Also, you are ought to gain weight during that period, so lose some more flab before conceiving such that you do not look like an overgrown potato after delivery. Extra weight loss before pregnancy will balance off post natal weight gain.

Night outs

Late nights are very regular once the baby arrives but right now why not get some ‘shots’, go and party till dawn, wearing sexy evening outfits with your darling hubby and close friends. Brownie points are you get to sleep till late and do not have to bother yourself with feeding the baby and preparing food the next morning.

Read books

No, we are not suggesting that you shall not get to read once the baby arrives. Reading habit remains the same, just the books change. First you read about the prenatal period, then about baby health and habits and then come the school books. So grab a book and read what you always meant to read.

Spa experience

Pamper yourself in a spa before you plan out for a pregnancy. This not only detoxifies the body but provides complete body relaxation. A massage therapy helps to get rid of the stress and gives you mental peace. Spa might not be possible with baby in womb, so book yourself for some relaxing sessions right away.

Girls, just pamper yourself and have fun before you step into the beautiful phase of motherhood. You have got some hard work ahead so, you definitely deserve this treat.


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