7 Must-Know Safety Tips for Women

Women are no less than men in any avenue, but physical strength is one area where scales more often tilt in favour of men. Putting up a physical fight with a man is not always possible for every woman. At the same time, crying, begging and pleading for mercy as advocated by 'Sant Sri Asaram Bapu', will only aggravate the attacker and his malicious intent.

Since lawmakers and enforcers have not been able to bring down the crime against women, it is time to take your safety into your own hands. So, if you find yourself stuck (God forbid!) in any such situation, here are a few tricks that will help you to defend yourself.

What do you do when you walk on a lonely road at night?

First and foremost, the best thing to do is to avoid such a situation. If you cannot help it and you find a stranger following you, run as fast as possible to reach the nearest ATM. Every ATM has a security guard and as well as a camera which can be your best bet for protection.

What do you do if a man menacingly appears in front of you?

If he tries to grab you, use your knee to hit his groin with all the force you can muster. No man can act indifferent to that pain. At least, you will get time to put adequate distance between the attacker and yourself.

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What if a man grabs you from behind?

There are two very sensitive spots in a man’s body – his eyes and his Adam’s apple. So, use your fingers to punch and poke at these two places. Before the man recovers, make a run for safety.

What if you are alone in a lift and a man enters?

Simply press all the buttons so that the lift door opens at every floor. The man will not dare to harm you if the lift is stopping at every floor.

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What if you need to take a cab or an auto rickshaw in the night?

Call one of your family members or friends and tell them the registration number of the vehicle. Make sure that your voice is loud and clear enough for the driver to hear. Tell your acquaintance about the route you are travelling by. Always make sure that someone reliable knows about your location.

What if you find yourself alone in a bus?

There is little you can do to protect yourself if the driver takes off in full speed. But you can still make sure that you don’t find yourself stuck in such a situation. Disembark along with the last person to get off the bus. Flag a taxi for the rest of the way. Taking a taxi or auto rickshaw is safer than travelling in an empty bus.

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What if a man barges into your home when you are alone?

Rush directly to the kitchen where you will surely find some sort of weapon to use for self-protection. Get hold of the knives, forks, utensils, chilli powder, pepper powder and anything else that you can use to keep your attacker away. Yell at the top of your lungs so that your alert your neighbours.

Women are blessed with strong instincts and mental agility. So, if you ever face an unfortunate situation where you need to defend yourself physically, use your mind to act quickly. Always make sure you keep some sort of safety mechanisms handy at all times, like a filer, pepper spray, a small knife or swiss knife, etc. It is better we learn to protect ourselves instead of waiting for our society and men to change their outlook towards us.


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