7 Celeb Beauty Blunders that You Must Avoid

Many women hold celebrities as their ultimate fashion icons, but at times these gorgeous divas can also commit some major beauty blunders. It is not just about going for unflattering lip colour or running eyeliners, it is about getting back to the basics. So, check out these Hollywood beauties that failed miserably at keeping up with their stylish stature, as we also tell you about quick fixes for avoiding their beauty mistakes.

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Greasy and Oily Face

Gwyneth Paltrow is certainly not flashing a glow on her face! Her face actually looks greasy and uneasy. Would you ever like to get caught in with such an oil-wrapped face?


Fix The Blunder: Now, blotting paper or a pack of wipes can easily come to your aid, but how about avoiding this blunder, altogether? Always use good quality products that suit your skin type, and wear an oil-free foundation on a layer of face primer. Better still, stick to gel-based skin care products that will take care of your overactive sebaceous glands.

Chipped Nail Colour

See how super stylish, Tyra Banks, presenter and judge of America's Next Top Model, got caught for not taking care of her trendy orange nails. No matter how good your manicure might look but chipped nail colour for any public appearances is a big no-no.


Fix The Blunder: Get your manicure done on time to avoid this mistake. Also, apply a base coat and a top coat to make the nail colour last longer. Best fix is that whenever you notice your nail colour is chipping, remove it immediately.

Hairy Armpits

This Runaway Bride does very little to disturb the peace with fashion police. But when Julia made a red carpet appearance flashing her underarm hair, it not only spoiled her dress but also left a bitter taste in the minds of her fans. Hope it wasn't a publicity stunt!


Fix The Blunder: Make sure, you don't find yourself in such troubled waters. Wax or shave those underarms clean before wearing a sleeveless dress. You never know who is keeping an eye on you!

Lipstick Stained Teeth

While Scarlett Johannson's lips look deliciously red, but so is not the case with her pearly whites. Oh, those are actually pearly reds on a close look! By the way, did you know that traces of lipstick on teeth imply carelessness?


Fix The Blunder: It is best that you inspect your teeth after you are done applying the lip colour, or go for the old school trick of blotting your lip with a tissue to rid your lips of excess colour. To clean those stained teeth without disturbing your lip colour, use a cotton swab to carefully wipe off the stain.

False Eye Lashes

For a pronounced eye makeup many resort to wearing fake lashes but sometimes it may go a little over-the-top, just like Cher Lloyd. Not just that, her face is slapped with too much foundation and her heavy eyebrows make her eyes just a perfect example of makeup tricks gone wrong.


Fix The Blunder: If you are going for heavy black eyes then tone down that foundation on your face and avoid loud colours on your cheeks. Pretty women out there, please save the dramatic long and thick lashes, until and unless you are going for a gothic look.

Uneven Eyebrows

Last we heard this Twilight series star was still working on bridging gaps with, reel-and-real partner, Robert Pattison. We really wish she worked hard on grooming her eyebrows as well. Her near-perfect (expressionless!) face doesn't come to her rescue because her eyebrow arch is not only uneven but also miles away from her nose bridge.


Fix The Blunder: You should look into the mirror and see if your eyebrows are in-line and arched the right way. If not, then you either get them tamed or cover up smartly with some makeup.

Mashed Eye Shadow

Quite unfortunate for Tyra Banks to be appearing on our list once again, but we couldn't really help it. Her eye shadow overload just highlights her misfired pink lips or her bronze-black hair. We wonder what she was thinking of while stepping out like this!


Fix The Blunder: Always apply eye shadow in moderation and work the brushes according your eye shape. Also it is important to use brushes, instead of fingers, while applying any eye makeup.

Well, the best way to avoid any beauty blunders is to always check yourself in the mirror before stepping out of home.


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