6 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Have Kids

Nowadays, most of the couples consider the possibility of having kids only after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of their decision on their married life. Many marriage counsellors and psychologists have said that the couples, who visit them with the dilemma of whether or not to have children after marriage, end up concluding that even though the idea is really overwhelming it is definitely worth the happiness it ultimately brings along. If you are also going through the same dilemma, then let us tell you why having kids will be good for a happy married life.

1. Celebrate new ties

After marriage, when a couple come out of the honeymoon phase of their relationship, their focus is diverted back to the monotony of their daily routines. Discords and differences become a common thing when two people are living this close to each other. When you finally take the decision of having a baby, a new bond is added to your existing relationship. You will realise that kids are the yarn that would knit the two of you together in a much stronger bond.

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2. Become selfless

For both parents, a child becomes one such responsibility, beyond which all the other priorities diminish. Having kids is one job which demands your attention all day long. However, at the end of the day, every parent cherishes doing everything for their children.

3. Learn new things

A child has very limited exposure and everything they see is new and interesting for them. Holding their hands through this journey will enrich you and your relationship as well. You learn new things; like names of dinosaurs and the reason why the sky is blue and so on and so forth with your partner; which will in turn shed a new light on their personality.

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4. Care for each other

When you have kids you realise that there is a new person who looks up to you and depends on you completely. This realisation will enforce in a belief that you need to take care of yourself and your partner, in order to ensure that your child is looked after with complete care.

5. Spend quality time together

When you have a little baby waiting for you at home, you and your partner will feel compelled and excited to rush back home to spend some time with him or her. Both of you will be looking forward to the time you will be spending with your child. This will also increase the time you two would get to spend with each other.

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6. Feel the ultimate affection

Did you think that your feeling for your partner was the ultimate sense of love you could feel for anyone, ever? Think again. Having a child will definitely make you eat your words. Your child is a part of you and your partner; an extension of the love and bond that you two share. So, when you hold your newborn baby in arms and he looks at you with those big innocent eyes, the feeling will be truly overwhelming.

For sure there will be some sleepless nights and food fights that will definitely make it tough for you, but when a kid squeals with a burst of laughter, you cannot help but join in.


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