5 Winter Skin Care Myths Busted

Talk about winter skin care and people will bombard you with desi and videsi nuskas. But are you sure that they will really work? When it comes to skin care during winters there are more myths floating around than you can imagine. Let us have a look at top five surprising winter skin care myths.

Myth 1: Warm water hydrates and soothes your dry skin

A long warm shower is a great way to beat the winter chill, but your skin doesn't feel so. Take a look:

TruthBeing exposed to hot water for a long time can leave your skin dry and flaky. "When you take a bath that's warmer than your body temp, your pores open and moisture evaporates- exactly what you don't want to happen," says Ranella Hirsch, M.D., a dermatologist in Boston. That is why, time yourself in the shower and try not to indulge in a hot tub for too long. It is best to opt for lukewarm or cold water. Also, after bathing, pat your skin dry with a soft towel and moisturise it with a good quality body lotion. It is said that you must moisturise your skin within twenty minutes of taking a bath for best results.

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Myth 2: Oily skin does not need moisturiser

People often say and believe that those with oily skin do not need to use moisturiser. However, this is not entirely correct. Take a look:

TruthPeople with oily skin need moisturisers as much as those with a normal skin. During winter, people with oily skin start developing dry patches on their body. That is why, it is essential for you to invest in a light moisturising cream (suitable for oily skin) and apply it twice a day. Moisturisers act as a barrier between dust and pollution and your skin. So, no matter how oily your skin is, you need to moisturise it, especially during the winter.

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Myth 3: You don’t need to apply sunscreen in winter

One of the biggest myths is that since it is never sunny during winter; you do not need to apply a sunscreen. Just because there is no harsh sun ray falling on you, doesn't mean you do not need sunscreen. Take a look:

TruthDr. Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist in New York says, "When you go outdoors on a rainy, wintry day, you still acquire the same amount of UVA damage that you would on a sunny beach in July." Yes, this is correct! While it is true that UVB rays (ones that cause sunburn and redness) might be weaker during this time of the year, you should remember that UVA rays (causing wrinkles, skin cancer, etc.) are constant all around the year. So, don’t ever forget to apply sunscreen even if you are stepping out for just 15 minutes.

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Myth 4: Saliva is enough to hydrate your lips

During winters your lips get excessively dry as well. Many people believe that saliva is the natural and convenient alternative to a lip balm. But, take a look at this:

Truth: Recent scientific studies have proven that saliva has a drying effect on your lips. For a few moments you will feel good, but its long term effects are bad for your lips. Saliva is acidic and it can easily dehydrate the thin skin on your lips. That is why; you must get a good quality lip balm for yourself. Don’t go for fancy lip balms with exotic perfumes or minty flavours as they can adversely affect your lips. A petroleum jelly based lip balm is your safest bet during winters.

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Myth 5: You should not exfoliate during winter

Since, winter makes your skin dry, many people believe that exfoliating it during this time is not a good idea. But, this is not so. Take a look:

Truth: Exfoliating can have a drying effect on your skin but it is really helpful for cell renewal. Exfoliation encourages formation of new cells which can make your skin glow. That is why; you must not hesitate to exfoliate during winter. Just remember to moisturise your skin thoroughly with a high concentrated serum to ensure that your skin does not have dry patches.

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So, stay away from these skin care myths this winter. And, keep your skin safe and happy! 

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