5 Types of Men You Should Avoid Dating

You are over the moon after finding your Mr right. Thinking that he is the ‘one’, you start dreaming about spending rest of your life with him. But, here comes a twist. After few dates, you realise that you made a mistake in thinking that he was your 'dream man'. Something about him just seems to drive you off. Slowly you realise Mr Right has traits that make him Mr Wrong.

It is very essential to scrutinise your man close and upfront while dating. After all, you don’t want to get hurt and end up crying your heart out. So, read on to know about 5 types of men you should avoid dating.

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The pessimistic guy

Every time they open their mouth, it will be to say something negative. They may even start conversations with pessimistic remarks. Such types of men always see glass as half empty. No matter how hard you try to show them the positive side of a situation, they will choose to ignore it. Better to avoid such type of men, they will fill your life with negative energy and you definitely wouldn't want that.

The messy guy

They would want you to clean their dishes, do their laundry, and clean their mess. They want you to take care of them as if they are little children. Knowing that you will always be around to pick up their dirt bag, they will take you for granted, and will make no effort to change. Beware of such type of men since you don’t want to spend most of your time looking after them, like a mother.

The mama's boy

They are flattering, understanding, good listeners and have all those qualities that you have been looking for. But they are also in love with another woman – their mother. They constantly talk about her on your date, and tell you each and every detail about their mothers. This is the sign to get up and run! They will always compare you with their beloved mother and you always fall short.

The egoistic guy

They think that they are the best. They are filled with overconfidence and saying sorry doesn’t come easily to them. And if you point out their mistakes, they will not take it well. If you try to outshine them or try to eclipse their glory, they might embarrass you whenever or wherever possible. Better to avoid such men, it will definitely be a task to get your point of view across to them.

The over-possessive guy

Such types of guys like to check on their women, every second. “What you are doing?”, “Where are you going?”, “When are you coming?”, “Whom are you hanging out with?” and “Why are you still out?” there will be an unending volume of questions for you to tackle. In the initial period of your relationship, you might like their possessive nature. But with time their over-controlling nature might become overwhelming for you. Once you get such signals, it is time to take your step back; after all, everyone needs space.


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