5 Tricks to Read Your Partner's Mind in a Marriage

When couples profess love, hug and kiss each other, or even fight over petty issues; body movements and language plays a vital role in determining the intensity of the feeling. They use certain phrases, give a cold response or use a smirk to express their thought. But most of the times, either of the spouse finds it difficult to interpret these little gestures. It is these signs that tell you how healthy your relationship is or what is it that is bothering your beloved. Here are a few tricks, which will help you interpret your partner’s feelings.

Voice modulation

While adjusting in a new marriage, there are several things and habits which your partner may like or dislike about you. But, they might feel a bit shy to discuss it. Instead of discussing it as a standalone topic, they slip in hints between an ongoing conversation or enact it out in some way. But, interpreting it becomes a task for you. Well, do not worry! We will tell you the how of it.

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Always look out for a sudden change in the pitch during an ongoing conversation. This change in the voice shows excitement. A steady rise in the pitch throughout a conversation is an expression of repressed anger, while a steady decline hints at dissatisfaction. A woman expresses negation in a low tone, but men tend to get agitated and often shout. And, if your partner is changing topics frequently, this might be due to some repressed secret which is bothering your spouse.


Well, it is not only about the phrases which your partner uses, but its degree of repetition, randomness and intensity also matters. ‘Everything is okay’, ‘nothing’, ‘you are right’, and ‘you win!’ are some common  phrases women say when they are unhappy or upset with you. While, men on the other hand, use phrases such as ‘go ahead!’, ‘have it your way', ‘fine you win’ and ‘what do you want from me?’. If your husband uses them, he is certainly not pleased with the way you are controlling him or dictating the terms in your relationship.

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Body language

What we fail to express in words, we express it through our touch. And, a touch cannot lie. If your partner hugs you often, it means he or she loves you. The intensity of love also depends on how tight a hug is. Also, if your spouse moves around freely in the house without being cautious about his or her clothes or looks, it is a way of saying that he or she is very much comfortable with you. But, if they kiss you with closed lips, it certainly communicates tension and avoidance of intimacy. Sitting idle on the bed for long hours (without any conversation or physical intimacy) can have different interpretations as well. It may be because of unhappiness, shyness or even sexual dissatisfaction.  

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Women often tend to highlight something when they want that particular thing to be done. All you need to be is a little attentive. Dirty dishes lying around are her way of telling you to do the dishes today. An upper head nod is a show of unwillingness, while a down head one signifies underlying willingness.

Men are rather simple creatures, but they too communicate via gestures. Participating in household chores is a way of saying ‘I love you’. Also, your husband might get mushy with you and compliment you, when he needs to watch an important cricket match. 

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Response is another parameter, which allows you to decide whether your partner is happy with you or not. All you need to do is understand how they are responding during a conversation or while getting intimate. A lot depends upon the spontaneity of response as well. It is the measuring parameter in marriages. Withdrawal of eye contact, leaving conversations in-between, predominant usage of cuss words, aggressiveness, a constant avoidance of body touch, repetitiveness in words, and unwillingness to sympathise, fall in the category of responses, which point towards a troubled marriage.

Well, now that we have decoded all the signs for you, it is your turn to interpret them and act accordingly. This will definitely help you in strengthening the bond with your partner.


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