5 Steps to Plan Your Own Royal Wedding

Remember Kate and William’s wedding? Millions watched and got enchanted by this grand ceremony. A truly royal occasion indeed. Who would not want to have such a wedding? If you believe that such weddings are only meant for royal or super-rich families, think again. Well, you don’t need to be blue-blooded or have billions in your account to have your royal wedding of your own. A little observation and a little planning is all that can help you plan such a royal affair. Here are some simple but golden tips  to follow when such a grand grand wedding.

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Regal Location

A place highlighting drama and fantasy should be something to lookout for. To create a theme for extravaganza, it’s important to have a backdrop that could be transformed into something fancy. It need not necessarily be a castle or a palace, but can be a grand hall as well. The location sets the tone of a wedding, so the choice of wedding location is very important to plan the theme. 

Right Decor

Once decided with the location, now try and add the elements that will make it look gala and royal. Lots of bouquets of white flowers or roses, lakes with swans, gold and silver hues, crystals and exotic candle with amazing candelabras or brass lamps, can help create a royal setting. A place can be aptly transformed into a royal getaway only with the right kind of royal elements.

Grand Invitations

You are ready to set the royal mood at your wedding and you‘re dying to scream out to the world and show off what you have planned. Well, don’t be shy! Just make sure you do it as royally as possible. The first step is to send out invites that are pouring with grandeur. Choose invitation card that highlights a regal affair. Let it be a stone studded card with lots of gold and silver highlights, conveying the D-day grand events, menu and the lavish logistics as well.

Star-Studded Event Plan

If you do not have any A-star guest list, don’t lose heart. Invite a star band or troupe to perform in your wedding. It will not just add live entertainment, but also take your wedding to a royal level. A tribute song to the couple by them can increase the entertainment quotient phenomenally in your wedding.

Wedding Trousseau

Nothing depicts royalty better than the wedding trousseau of the couple, so bring on the glam. Right from the couture to the jewel pieces to the shoes and makeup, everything will define how royal the marriage is. You need not liquidate your crown jewels to show off, a little smart act of hiring a local jeweler to chisel out flashy jewel pieces with lesser quality material will do the trick.

A royal wedding is a dream for many, which can come true with a little bit of smart planning. Just follow a smart budget and the above mentioned tips, and you will be all set to woo your admirers and well wishers on the big day.


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