5 Signs that Tell Your Partner Doubts You

Couples, who have been in a relationship for a while, often tend to act more casually around each other. As romance takes a backseat, suspicions begin to crawl in. Doubts in a relationship often go unnoticed. It takes a long time to see behind the façade and know that your partner doubts you. So, let us tell you about the signs that will help you check out if your partner doubts you and your commitment towards the relationship.

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Turn around and they are there

No matter where you look, you always find your partner hovering around. At first you think it is sweet that you keep running into each other, but think again. If you keep catching up with them, everywhere you go, then you can safely read that as a sign that your partner has successfully turned into a stalker. To confirm your suspicions, drop in some casual hints about where you are going and then check whether your partner drops in, without telling you.

Possessive interrogation

Has your partner started asking questions like “whom were you talking to?” or “with whom did you go out?” or “why you are so late?” If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you have won yourself a possessive partner who doubts you. You don’t have to confirm any suspicions in such a situation, once you come face-to-face with the same volley of question you will realise it, sooner or later.

Tiptoes around your virtual life

Does your partner stealthily keeps a tab on your social networking profile and updates? If yes, then surely he or she will not be able to fight the urge of checking your phone, whenever you are not around. Your partner may even go one step further to check out your received and sent emails. So, next time your partner asks you about your last status update or about the people messaging you, it is time for you to realise that he or she doubts you.

Changing temperament

If your partner doubts you then you will often find him or her stressed and nervous. Flaring temper with unnecessary talks and taunts becomes a common scene in your love life. Suspicious and sarcastic tone, along with illogical fight topics and asking odd questions are very common signs that your partner’s behavioural change is directly tuned with his or her trust issues.

Involving friends and family

Does your partner call your friends to enquire about you? Does he or she drop by your home or work place for surprise visits? These are some common signs of doubt. Your partner may casually keep talking to your friends about your social life, emphasising on your friends of opposite sex.


These doubts only develop out of insecurity in the relationship. So, it is important that you make your partner understand his or her importance in your life.


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