5 Most Inspiring On-screen Mother-in-laws

Films and soap operas often portray mother-in-laws as evil, scheming women, whose only aim is to make their bahus’ lives miserable. But there are a few on-screen exceptions who are so adorable, that you would wish to have one of them as your own mum-in-law. Let us have a look at the on-screen mother-in-laws you will absolutely love.
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Mrs. Arora in Vicky Donor

Mrs. Arora, a modern bahu and mom-in-law, is a hard working woman, who runs her own beauty parlour. Though, initially, against a Bengali bahu, Mrs. Arora accepts Ashima into her family. On realising Ashima’s inability to conceive, she supports her. She also stands by Ashima when she leaves her son Vicky for hiding the fact that he is a sperm donor.

Qualities we love: Mrs. Arora is fun loving, understanding and supportive.

Pooja in Baghban

Hema Malini dons the role of Pooja in Baghban. Owing to financial issues, she and her husband, Raj, decide to stay with their children. As the sons convince them to stay separately, Pooja goes to live with one of her sons and daughter-in-law. She is really cooperative and has no qualms living in a small room. She even offers to do all the household chores.

Qualities we love: Pooja bears her daughter-in-law's taunts with a smile and never gives up.

Nandini in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham

Nandini in K3G has a tough call to make. She has to choose between her headstrong husband, Yash and her son, Rahul, who has married Anjali against the family’s wishes. She decides to follow her husband, but not before she has given her daughter-in-law the traditional bangles. Ten years later, Nandini makes her husband acknowledge his mistake as well. 

Qualities we love: Nandini’s determination to make her husband accept her bahu.

Prem's ma in Biwi no.1

Prem's mother (Himani Shivpuri) is a very open-minded and a fun loving lady. When she finds out that her son has an affair with aother woman, she supports her bahu over her sonAlso, she goes out of her way to make the life of her son’s mistress miserable.

Qualities we love: She loves and supports her daughter-in-law just like her real mother.

Parvati in Ishaqzaade

Though she plays a very small part in the film, Parvati is one of the best on-screen mother-in-laws. Even though, her son, a Hindu, marries a Muslim girl, she stands up to defend their love. And gets killed while protecting the daughter-in-law from bullets.

Qualities we love: In spite of coming from a small town, Parvati understands true love and gives up her life for her son and daughter-in-law’s happiness. 


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