5 Intimate Gifts for your Wife on First Night

The first night you spend with your wife is the most memorable night of your life. It does not matter whether you are booked into a five-star hotel or in the bedroom of your home; the first night is special simply by the virtue of it being your first night. You can make the occasion very special by gifting something very touching and memorable for the both of you. Here are 5 intimate gifts for your bride on your wedding night.

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Love letter

A woman is extremely mushy and soft on her first night. There is nothing better to mush her up a bit more with a heartfelt love letter. Be genuine, talk how special she is for you and make commitments that you will follow all through your life. Promise her your love forever and she will fall in love with you right there. To make it more memorable, get the letter framed.

Scrapbook of memories

Your first night is when you actually begin your life as a married couple. There is no better way to begin than by starting a scrapbook of memories. Make one yourself or order a customised book from one of the online stores. Start entering little things about your life from the first night onwards. Before you know, you will have a huge volume of your love story that you can read years down the line and fall back in love with each other.


Add some heavy duty spice to your first night by gifting her some sexy lingerie. Just remember to buy something that will fit and suit her well. Gorgeous lingerie can definitely create a long night of sweet memories, which can in fact be a wonderful gift in itself. Also must know: What Women Want in Bed but Never Say.


Jewellery is one of the most common gifts that men give their wives on the first night. The good thing is that jewellery never fails. You don’t really have to buy a very expensive diamond ring or necklace set. Choose a piece which is very unique. Designer jewellery based on the theme of love, romance and relationships can be a wonderful gift.

Gift basket

If you are unable to decide on the one best thing, give her a carefully planned goody basket. Include some aromatic candles, perfumes, lovely lotions, chocolates, fragrant bath salts and anything else you can think of.


Beside these, the best gift that you can give your wife on the first night is your undivided attention and lots of love. Material things might not really matter. Pamper her, treat her like a princess and we are sure you both will have the best night of your lives.


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