5 funny video clips that prove: kids + cars = cute

Our editors select their favorite funny videos of cute kids in cars. Or on cars. Or driving cars. And don't worry: only one will give you nightmares.

1) Ellie, a Russian girl of two, has an encyclopedic knowledge of cars

Really, I consider myself almost totally immune to the charming quirks of other people's children (particularly in restaurants). Which is why it's strange to find that I enjoy watching this little Russian girl, rolling along on her scooter, naming off the cars her father points out. It's possible the charm has less to do with the cars than with her Russian, which sounds rolled across marbles. Translation-wise, "Audi" is pretty straightforward, and I can get from her "su-BAH-roo" to my "SU-bah-roo," but I have no idea what she's saying for "BMW." Anyone?

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