5 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Every girl wishes to look and feel fashionable. Be it the look for your wedding or for your style post-wedding, looking perfect is what every girl desires. Dressing right makes you feel good and appear extremely confident. There are plenty of options, but you really need to be smart enough to make the right choices, so your style complements you perfectly. Most often, in an attempt to look great, you can end up looking tacky or even older than your age! But you don’t need to worry anymore, because we have for you the five common mistakes you might make that can actually make you look older than your age.
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Wearing ill-fitting clothes

The biggest fashion blunder that you can make is to wear ill-fitting clothes. Wearing clothes that are either too loose or too tight can actually make you look years older than you are! For instance, dresses, gowns or kurtis falling loosely over your body may give you a comfortable feel, but they add almost ten years to your actual age. And no, loose clothes do not hide your extra kilos! Instead, choose something that fits you just right and looks elegant.

Wearing pale coloured clothes

Pale and dull coloured outfits always tend to make you look bland and boring! They can actually make your face appear to be drained out, making you look unexciting and tired. So, unless you have vibrant accessories and makeup to match, do not opt for pale coloured outfits if you don't want to look older than you are.
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Wearing the wrong footwear

It might sound trivial, but your footwear can actually make or break your look. Wearing the wrong style or size of footwear can make you look much older than your actual age. Make sure your shoes are never mismatched with your outfit. Heels always add to your style and make you look younger and slimmer than you are. If not heels, make sure the flat footwear you choose is very stylish. Wearing running shoes or flip-flops with every outfit can make you look older, and a fashion disaster too!
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Wearing no accessories

Most women have the misconception that only college-goers can wear accessories. In fact, anyone can wear accessories to pep-up their look! Chains and pendants, hooped earrings, stylish finger rings, chic clutches or handbags, and belts can make you look much more stylish and fashionable than you actually might be. Accessories will not only make you look, but also feel much younger!
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Wearing dark-rimmed glasses

Dark-rimmed glasses are certainly a stylish statement piece, but only with the right look and the right outfit; not with your sarees, kurtis and gowns! With certain outfits like trendy casual wear, sports wear, and even some dresses, they look peppy. But if you wear dark-rimmed glasses for a friend's wedding or a puja, you might look 10 years older than what you are! If you absolutely must wear them, choose a rimless or light-rimmed frame, or go for contact lenses.
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