5 Exciting Ways to Plan a Pre-Wedding Bash

Wedding season is just around the corner! Whether you are tying the knot or it is your best friend’s wedding, don’t forget to add fun and excitement in the affair with a great pre-wedding bash. Amidst all the wedding planning, shopping trips, honeymoon brainstorming and emotional extremes, this bash would give you some time to cool down your nerves and let down your hair! This bachelor or bachelorette bash should be worth cherishing forever. After all, these are the last few days of the so-called ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ of the lovely and lucky couple. So, here are some fantastic ideas for a pre-wedding bash that will surely leave you with wonderful memories of being ‘single’.

Destination party

If you are planning to make it big, then pack your bags for a suitable holiday destination. Make sure that you have only friends with you and no one else; otherwise, the charm of bachelor/bachelorette party will be lost. Some of the most popular destinations around are Goa, Nepal, Kerala, and Andaman Islands. If you can stretch your budgets then think something 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' style, like Las Vegas, Spain, etc. Before choosing a destination, make a comprehensive plan of what you want to do at this bash. If your definition of a pre-wedding bash means adventure, sightseeing, and vibrant nightlife, these locations will surely not disappoint you.

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Dress it up

If you are planning it somewhere nearby, one of the best things is to get dressed up in similar clothes. However, make sure that the to-be bride/groom is dressed differently. A unique and cool outfit idea goes perfect for such a bash. Look for dresses that highlight the groom or bride’s personality or something that resembles your friendship. For instance, if you share nicknames in the friend’s group, you can design special t-shirts with the nicknames embossed for the party. You can also make customised t-shirt for your party, with some exciting or naughty messages on it.

Get naughty

Pre-wedding bash is the one last chance for the ‘couple’ to enjoy their ‘single’ status. So, while planning for a fantastic pre-wedding bash, don’t shy away from adding some fun ideas to the night. Bring in some entertainment, like belly dancers or 'desi boys'. Just let your imagination rule the night! As for the Mr. and Mrs. would-be, you don’t worry as your friends will not open their mouths about things you did on your pre-wedding bash. So, taste the pleasure of freedom and fun, while knowing where to draw the limit. After all, you don’t want your bachelor party to give you nightmares.

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Party on wheels

Do you remember the last time you were in a classy, sophisticated limousine? Never? Now is the time to spark up this pre-wedding party by hiring a limousine– the ultimate way to celebrate the night with your friends! Cruising in a music blasting, luxury stretch limousine with champagne flowing and the lights glowing will make it an occasion worth remembering forever. So, whether you have plans for a cosy dinner, club hopping, or city tours, do it all in a classy style!

Cruise party

This one is for all those who are near a coastal area or who are planning a destination party. Get everything you ever wanted, all in one place. From closest friends to the most secluded location, from champagne fountains to blasting music, hire a cruise for your pre-wedding bash. Either rent a boat or a portion of the cruise to party hard with your friends over gourmet cuisine, champagne, and umpteen entertainment blasts. You can also arrange for dance troupes, if the cruise permits so. Make sure that you don’t run short of fun and entertainment. Cruise packages are easily available for pre-wedding parties, and if budget is not a constraint, there is nothing better than a lavish cruise party for a fantastic pre-wedding bash.

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Well, if you can’t plan a cruise party, then hire a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, with large pool and think about having a bash there. What say? If you have any interesting ideas for a bachelor or bachelorette bash then do share it with us by leaving your comments below. 


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