5 essentials of a perfect nursery

A cot

The cot is obviously the most essential item in your baby’s nursery. When purchasing such expensive items you should always think ahead, taking into account functionality and durability. Unfortunately with the cot you get what you pay for, and with it being such an essential item you need it to be the best quality you can afford – look at it as a small investment. Consider questions such as; can the cot be used as a bed when your baby is older? Will it be suitable (mainly colour appropriate) for future children? The other important issue is what kind of mattress you buy. You need a snug-fitting mattress with no more space than for two fingers around the sides. The most popular types of mattress include fully sprung and foam, with other options including natural fibre and hypoallergenic. Most cot mattresses come with moisture resistance and wipe-clean/washable surface features too, so be sure to look out for these.

A window

When choosing a room to turn into your baby’s nursery, make sure there’s a window. Not only will the room feel brighter and bigger, but the difference between night and day with the aid of natural light can help your child recognise time and sleep patterns. It will also become handy during early morning feeds, as looking out of the window when no one else is awake can have a calming and soothing effect on your mood. Feeling boxed-in and claustrophobic when you’re exhausted is not a pleasant feeling for a new parent, plus allowing fresh air into the room will keep things fresh – ideal after changing those nappies!

A nursing chair

This item has to be on your nursery list somewhere. Not only can a nursing chair help your posture when holding or feeding your newborn but it can also help soothe you and your baby through what can seem like endless nights. Popular between mothers is the glider chair, with a built-in footrest and a smooth gliding motion, which can support your back immensely. For extra convenience during night time feeds why not keep a flask of hot water by your chair? You can make yourself a drink or heat up the baby’s bottle. This can help minimise fuss in the night when you’re half asleep.

A changing table

If you have a particularly big nursery and space is not an issue, a standalone table might suit you best; many standalone changing tables come with built-in storage space such as shelves or drawers below. However if you’re looking to save some space in your child’s nursery, why not shop around for a foldaway changing table fitted to the wall? Remember, having more than one changing table or changing mat in the house is a must. If your baby’s nursery is upstairs you’ll soon realise that running up and down the stairs 10 times a day will wear thin. Having them dotted around the house with a supply of nappies at each will help you out enormously; especially in the first few weeks.

The perfect nursery colour

Trying to paint the baby’s nursery the perfect colour can sometimes require hard thinking, a few quarrels and some thorough research. We’ll save you the bother and keep the peace; research indicates that pale yellow, sage green and orange are the perfect colours for your nursery. Pale yellow is said to promote sensitive thoughts and awareness, while a brighter yellow can agitate your baby and keep him or her livelier at bedtimes. Pale green is the perfect colour to promote a learning environment and with it a calmness of thinking, while orange is linked with a comfortable feeling of warmth and can help create a cosy atmosphere.

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