30 Days, 30 Questions: Your favourite spin bowler today

Which among the current crop of spin bowlers do you like the most?

Today in 30 Days, 30 Questions:

Saeed Ajmal

Today's topic: The Warnes, Kumbles and Muralis have walked away and spin bowling isn't as compelling as it used to be. Which among the current crop of spin bowlers do you like and why?

Yahoo Cricket's Answer:
The world of spin bowling awaits its next superstar. While nobody quite fits that bill at the moment, Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal is making a strong case for himself — as his 107 wickets in just 20 Tests show.

Ajmal has turn, drift, dip. He bowls a terrific doosra. He's even taken a leaf out of Shane Warne's book and started playing mind games with opponents, as his talks of bowling a 'teesra' showed. His relentless accuracy means he is also one of the most difficult bowlers spinners to attack.

One thing good bowlers do is not just take lots of wickets, but also find ways to stretch the limits of what's possible to do with a cricket ball. For this generation, Ajmal is certainly doing that, making the game much more compelling, competitive and attractive. As for his action, let's not jump to conclusions about the bent elbow. He is innocent until proven guilty.

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[Update: March 15] Thanks for your wonderful comments. Here are some of the best:

Amal Biyani says we can't put Ajmal on a pedestal — not yet:

I think there is still time to call Ajmal the best as he is going through the same phase which Ajantha Mendis from Sri Lanka went through: sudden success and gradually he was phased out. So we just need to wait and watch though my favourite at present is Daniel Vettori. Experience matters a lot... and Daniel has proved himself over this long period of time.

Bhaskar has a longer list.

1. Graeme Swann, according to me is a very good off break bowler among the contemporary players. Always looking for wickets, bowling aggressively both in Tests and ODIs. He has simple action but has variations. I like the way he bowls with glasses on!

2. Ashwin. Tall spinner and has carrom ball as a variation. To cement his place in team above Bhajji shows he is very talented.

But my worry is that leg spin is perishing. I think Afridi is the only famous leg spinner playing these days. (Correct me if I am wrong!) Captains prefer left-arm bowlers instead of leggies. But it is wonderful to watch leg spin. I like Ajmal but I don't like his action.

Abhigyan sides with Ashwin:

Well, Ajmal definitely has the richest arsenal of varieties with the doosras and teesras. But I think Ashwin has a better temperament under pressure. Also Swann has the experience and an attacking attitude plus he is remarkably accurate too. But if asked I am going to give the edge to Ashwin

Kedar is a firm Vettori supporter:

He can bowl well on any type of pitch and in all three formats of the game. He is very simple and gentle. He is never involved in any controversy or spat. Apart from being very good spinner he is also a good batsmen, fielder and captain. A perfect role model!

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