30 Days, 30 Questions: Who has been the best looking cricketer?

30 Days, 30 Questions

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Question: Who has been the best looking cricketer?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. But if you do, what the hell – we’re human, and thus susceptible to momentary lapses into the vain and the superficial. So,who has been the ‘Deliciano’ Lopez of cricket?

Some Indian names that come to mind include the enigmatic Tiger Pataudi, the flamboyant Farokh Engineer, the suave Salim Durani, the dapper Ravi Shastri and the roguish Virat Kohli. Why, even Salil Ankola’s hulking presence ensured him a brief stint in television.

To say nothing of our handsome brethren from across the border: Imran Khan’s flowing mane made many a young lass swoon in delight, Wasim Akram had his own coterie of admirers and Shahid Afridi’s carriage has ‘superstar’ written all over it.  

Looks though have been equally distributed across the racial spectrum. Remember Richard Snell, the bits and pieces South African all-rounder who looked like he’d just stepped out of a band box? Shane Warne had a million dollar smile, Stuart Broad looks part innocent choirboy and part Lucius Malfoy, while Kevin Pietersen too commands a legion of  lissome followers.

Vote away. Tell us who you think has been the best looking cricketer, past or present, and we’ll feature the best responses on the page.

Thank you for the deluge of comments. The winner by unanimous decision is Imran Khan, with Shahid Afridi and Brett Lee a distant second and third.

(Updated April 3)

goes with the safest bets: The best of all is Imran Khan. He was dashing and had a stunning. He still looks charming. Next on the list is Shahid Khan Afridi who always shines in his stylish hair style.

Satyam goes down memory lane: I think its going to be Imran Khan . From the past, it might be Keith Miller. But as far as last 3or 4 decades are concerned , its got to be Imran Khan . And yes , Shane Bond comes second.

Deepanjan rounds up the usual suspects and then some: Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Chris Cairns, Ravi Shastri, Dilip Vengsarkar, Mark Ramprakash, Sunil Gavaskar, Adam Parore, Mark Waugh, Majid Khan, Yuvraj Singh, Simon O'Donnel, Salim Durani, MS Dhoni, Salil Ankola, Siddath Wettimuni, Daniel Vettori, John Wright, Hansie Cronje, Alastair Cook, Craig Kieswetter, James Pattinson, Martin Crowe, Rahul Dravid, Sadanand Viswanath - They are all attractive in their own way.

Prashanth leaves the clincher for the last line: From that era, Imran, Ravi Shastri are two names I remember. For now. It’s definitely Yuvraj, Kohli, Stuart Broad, Brett Lee are. But Sachin is the best looking player of all time.

Himanshu has helpfully ranked the lookers: 1. Andrew Flintoff, 2. Alastair Cook, 3. Shahid Afridi, 4. Salil Ankola, 5. Shane Bond, 6. Michael Clarke, 7. Stuart Broad, 8. Shane Warne, 9.Brendon Julian, 10. Imran Khan.

We look forward to your continued participation in the next topic.








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