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Here is today's question.

Sachin Tendulkar

Question for the day: If Sachin Tendulkar called you up now, what thoughts would you share with him, and what advice would you give him?

Yahoo Cricket's answer: Sachin, I'll tell you what your best friend should: Forget about the records. Forget about who you are today. Think of who you were, and what you were, at your peak -- a batsman who gave bowlers nightmares; a batsman who kept opposing teams up all night planning, only to find all those plans going to nought when you walked out to bat. If you remember nothing else, remember Sharjah -- and the day you took on the fury of a dust storm, and the combined might of a world champion team, and made them all wilt while we watched in awe and wonder.

That is who you were -- a destroyer: of bowlers, of reputations, of opponents. Go back to that fearless, peerless batsman you once were -- and give us ten more years of wonder, of awe, of delight.

Share your answers in the comments below.


Update, March 3 [Comments are now closed on this post]: Thank you for your amazing responses, dear readers.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar. Often, those opinions tend to be polarised. 

Our question was open-ended, and there's no perfect answer to it. But here are the responses which we felt were the most balanced ones and tended not to digress from the topic.

A Yahoo! User  •  Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hello Sachin, I am 60 so, please don't take it as advise. I love the game and there was and never will be a more tingling sight in a cricket match than you facing up to a Lee or a Akhtar. Every ball was poetry in motion. You played a few innings of late and the magic was there. It takes that one ball to get you out. And in most cases they were the beauties that guys would later describe to their children. You are the common and respected opponent. Your greatest attribute is a God gifted talent and with age you can hone it even more with maturity. The inninings of a lifetime is yet to come and then the better one. The positive aura that you exude on the cricket field against the best is our gift, the ones who love the game but are not talented. So, please do not leave it as we too share your great love for the game. Thank you for now and and there is more to come. Go out into the field and enjoy yourself. My best wishes to you.

Harprit Singh:

SRT, for me cricket means You!! I used to stop watching the match whenever you got out...I will stop watching cricket once you hang your boots!! No disregards to Yuvi, Gauti, Raina, Rohit, Kohli, Dhoni..they r all superb...but this is how it will be!! I'm sure the same feeling is shared by millions around!!

Go ahead, I want to see you batting as you used to in 1998-2003. Stop ducking, charge down the pitch, play straight drives...get this megaton monkey off ur back and I believe there will many more centuries flow from your bat...u have nothing to prove to anyone..enjoy ur game!! Let the critics do what they r doing, this earns them their bread, but you have always answered with you bat and I firmly believe this time you will again do the same!!

Dr.Inder K Sachdev:

Retire gracefully. And await a chance, to knock 100th 100 finally, that should be offered to you sometime. The world adores you and your cricketing style. Offer chance to youngsters the way it was given to you at the beginning of you career.


Retire Gracefully. You have done enough. What more are you trying to accomplish? And for what reason? Why not be considerate enough to give the youngsters a chance before they burn out. Try and be in their shoes and see it from their point of view then say.......I QUIT!


If there are hundred reasons for Sachin to play on, there is one reason why he should go. No one likes to see a wounded genius, a genius who combined the best of the best with his wonderful exhibition of stroke play ever since he walked out to bat at 16 plus in Sialkot on a wintery morning with the likes of Imran, Akram, Waqar and Quadir lining up to tear up the kid. They ended tearing up their own lachrymal glands. Sachin is the God of Cricket and no one dares to point at God. But the fact is even the most die hard fan of the Legend hates to see a dissapointed Sachin walk back to the pavilion hands empty. Age catches up with everyone and Sachin is human too.By denying him a fitting finale we will only end up egging a aging warrior to play so that we might continue to delight in his presence at the crease and in the field even if he fails. We all Love Sachin. We will continue to Love him even if he quits. Take a bow Sachin...You are waiting to be venerated and celebrated at the Altar of Greatness....Good bye for now...

Snehal S:

Sachin I know the situation puts you in a spot kind of. But since I have to advise you I would say that just follow you heart. A brilliant mind rests on that short stature of yours. A sensible sportsperson like you would definitely churn out a sensible decision for you and all the sports lovers across the world. Whether 100th or 99th we still love you.


Yes he is a legend & forever be. But in cricket you can't always see past records. every body has to go & make space for youngsters to come in. If sachin is a legend then wasim akram, steve waugh, mcgrath, warne, kapil dev, gavaskar were also legends. should they also continue playing bcoz they are legends.........

Amal Biyani:

Just keep your mind off the 100th ton. Play aggressive, what we saw a glimpse of in the last one day. Don't care about people or their opinions. You are the best and always will be the best. Play as long as you want, just don't get defensive it was never your style and will never be....


always believe he shud ve retired from one day cricket after the world cup simply coz he didnt ve anything more to do or prove in ODI and it was the perfect stage to end a fabulous career n he wont get a better stage than that. Watching Sachin althrough his career right from his first game in 1989 i can vouch for the fact that wat we r seeing now is not his real self and its very painful to see him struggling like this against some ordinary bowlers. Now he has the burden of proving his worth in the team and that is something u never want to happen with a legend like him,but he has only himself to blame for the situation in which he finds himself now.But i still believe he can complete his 100th ton and after that call it a day atleast from ODI cricket.


I would tell him "Sachin,you are the greatest of a whole era.There is no advice I can give you regarding batting.But,you have to forget everything about the critics,the records and your status.Just take one match at a time forgetting the century.We all know that when you play with a free mind you can do anything.Not just a hundred you can even score a Double hundred!"


Don't think about the 100th hundred. The day in which you'll forget about it, you can make the 100th Hundred on that itself. So please forget about the century. You'll play another 3-4 year after getting that hundred, that too better than ever in your carrier, So please ignore all sort of comments about the 100th century.

Sachin K

If your will is strong & you"re fit to play, then don't listen to anybody, And concentrate on your game. your performance on the field is the answer to your critics.


So long you have the passion to play the game go on play. Dont worry about the critics. You arealso definately a better fielder than some members in the present team.When you are at the crease it is a pleasure for us to watch you make every stroke. So why worry go play as long as you feel good


It seems the end of an era for the legend of Cricket. Sachin should quit and live like a legend instead of playing and spoiling his name and fame. Otherwise, if he serious and wants to play, let be as natural as it should be and as it has been for so many years. Not to bother about any records or any situation, just to play a normal cricket......


You'll always be remembered as one of the greatest cricketers. You should now gracefully retire. The fact that you are not doing so makes some of your glory fade.

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