30 Days, 30 Questions: What will you advice Tendulkar?

Yahoo! Cricket kicks off a month-long exchange of views. Here's the first topic.

Sachin K

If your will is strong & you"re fit to play, then don't listen to anybody, And concentrate on your game. your performance on the field is the answer to your critics.


So long you have the passion to play the game go on play. Dont worry about the critics. You arealso definately a better fielder than some members in the present team.When you are at the crease it is a pleasure for us to watch you make every stroke. So why worry go play as long as you feel good


It seems the end of an era for the legend of Cricket. Sachin should quit and live like a legend instead of playing and spoiling his name and fame. Otherwise, if he serious and wants to play, let be as natural as it should be and as it has been for so many years. Not to bother about any records or any situation, just to play a normal cricket......


You'll always be remembered as one of the greatest cricketers. You should now gracefully retire. The fact that you are not doing so makes some of your glory fade.


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