30 Days, 30 Questions: What will you advice Tendulkar?

Yahoo! Cricket kicks off a month-long exchange of views. Here's the first topic.

Amal Biyani:

Just keep your mind off the 100th ton. Play aggressive, what we saw a glimpse of in the last one day. Don't care about people or their opinions. You are the best and always will be the best. Play as long as you want, just don't get defensive it was never your style and will never be....


always believe he shud ve retired from one day cricket after the world cup simply coz he didnt ve anything more to do or prove in ODI and it was the perfect stage to end a fabulous career n he wont get a better stage than that. Watching Sachin althrough his career right from his first game in 1989 i can vouch for the fact that wat we r seeing now is not his real self and its very painful to see him struggling like this against some ordinary bowlers. Now he has the burden of proving his worth in the team and that is something u never want to happen with a legend like him,but he has only himself to blame for the situation in which he finds himself now.But i still believe he can complete his 100th ton and after that call it a day atleast from ODI cricket.


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