30 Days, 30 Questions: What will you advice Tendulkar?

Yahoo! Cricket kicks off a month-long exchange of views. Here's the first topic.

Snehal S:

Sachin I know the situation puts you in a spot kind of. But since I have to advise you I would say that just follow you heart. A brilliant mind rests on that short stature of yours. A sensible sportsperson like you would definitely churn out a sensible decision for you and all the sports lovers across the world. Whether 100th or 99th we still love you.


Yes he is a legend & forever be. But in cricket you can't always see past records. every body has to go & make space for youngsters to come in. If sachin is a legend then wasim akram, steve waugh, mcgrath, warne, kapil dev, gavaskar were also legends. should they also continue playing bcoz they are legends.........


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