30 Days, 30 Questions: What will you advice Tendulkar?

Yahoo! Cricket kicks off a month-long exchange of views. Here's the first topic.

Harprit Singh:

SRT, for me cricket means You!! I used to stop watching the match whenever you got out...I will stop watching cricket once you hang your boots!! No disregards to Yuvi, Gauti, Raina, Rohit, Kohli, Dhoni..they r all superb...but this is how it will be!! I'm sure the same feeling is shared by millions around!!

Go ahead, I want to see you batting as you used to in 1998-2003. Stop ducking, charge down the pitch, play straight drives...get this megaton monkey off ur back and I believe there will many more centuries flow from your bat...u have nothing to prove to anyone..enjoy ur game!! Let the critics do what they r doing, this earns them their bread, but you have always answered with you bat and I firmly believe this time you will again do the same!!


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