30 Days, 30 Questions: One cricket law you want to change

Cricket's 42 laws aren't without some absurdities. Is there one you want to get rid of?

Today in 30 Days, 30 Questions:

Pakistan's Umar Akmal appeals for an LBW against England's Kevin Pietersen in Abu Dhabi on February 15.

Question: Cricket has 42 laws, each overseen by many ifs and buts. There's always one that annoys us and we wonder why it isn't changed. If you could change a cricket law, which one would it be, and why?

Yahoo! Cricket's answer:
Sample Law 36 which governs LBWs. It is a complex, hard-to-fathom rule (worsened by the intricacies of the DRS rules). It maybe cricket's answer to football's off-side rule: you have to be a connoisseur of the sport to make sense of it.

The LBW rule was implemented to curb unfair use of the pads. But off late, most tweaks in cricket's laws have tended to favour batsmen. We live in the age of small boundaries, ridiculously heavy bats and standardised wickets. Batting averages have shot through the roof. There's little help for bowlers.

For the sake of restoring parity between bat and ball, we'd like two tweaks in the LBW law. One — allow an LBW to be given even if the point of impact is outside the line of the stumps. Two — and this is a radical idea — allow an LBW to be given even if the ball pitches out the leg stump. Leg stumps are stumps too!

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Thanks for all the responses. Here are some of the better ones -

Bhaskar has some innovative and slightly amusing suggestions one of which is not to award overthrows when a ball ricochets after a direct hit on the stumps as it's an insult to the fielders. He also says -

Bats should be provided by ICC. When balls,stumps are standardized ,why not bats?They may provide bats with 3 variations and the batsman can chose the one that best suits him.(based on his height and strength)

Duckworth & Lewis should have modifications taking into consideration the ability of the tailenders to bat these days.

Gopi M has a grouse with leg byes:

The leg bye rule should be removed. I don't see why a batting team should be credited with runs if the batsman fails to get bat on ball. It's even more unfair when a bowler bowls a beautiful legal bouncer, hits the batsman's helmet or his shoulder, and skids for 4 runs! A team must earn their runs as simple as that!


Karthikeyan has his issues with the on-field umpiring:

If any wrong decision is given by the on field umpires, it should be reversed by the television umpire even with out anyone's request for a review.


Saket feels the modern game is totally in favour of the batsmen and has a proposal to change things -

The free hit rule should be done away with in one-day cricket.The bowler is already penalised for a no-ball he bowls by giving 1 run to the batsman,only run out and extra ball.Cricket is a sport not a batsman's game.

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