30 Days, 30 Questions: Should India-Pakistan cricket ties be revived?

It's been over four years since their last bilateral series. Is it time for the embargo to end?

Today in 30 Days, 30 Questions:

Question: India and Pakistan haven't engaged in a bilateral fixture since India hosted a full series in late 2007. The terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008 played a big hand in the Indian government stopping business as usual. Pakistani players have also been rejected at IPL auctions. Their isolation in world cricket was completed in 2009 when the visiting Sri Lankan team was attacked by terrorists.

But in the same period, India and Pakistan have had regular exchanges in hockey. Pakistan participated in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, winning five medals. The doubles pair of Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul Haq Qureshi have won hearts — and trophies — in big league tennis.

When the two meet in other sports frequently, why must they not in cricket too? Isn't it time this embargo ended? Or is cricket a bigger medium than just a game of bat and ball?

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[Update, March 19]: Thanks for your comments. This topic has elicited strong opinions, and some of the responses are republished below. 

Sumitra (has a pragmatic approach) - Cricket is seen as religion in India. Religion is the root of sentiments. e.g. if someone considers humanity as religion, he is sentimental to the inhumane treatment of other species along with human being. India and Pakistan are countries who are very sentimental in the scale of religion. Unless both the countries consider that their religion is only humanity and nothing else, this would be difficult to revive the cricketing ties. Thank god hockey and other sports don't fall in the
religious boundary of both countries.


P from Salt Lake City, US (has a rather blunt opinion) - Well the ties can be revived, but they should not play in IPL. In no way India should give them Money, especially after it was proved that Pak was involved in the terrorist attack. For other games its fine because not much of sentiment or money is involved in it. But India bleeds blue for Cricket. People delay their urgent work for a Cricket match.. Cricket is huge in India...So no more special ties as before...! 


ICS M from Palakkad, Kerala (gets with the spirit of the game) - We (Indians) have heros in both teams, let us play cricket and not dirty politics. What is the use of killing people of neighbourhood. Let us enjoy the spirit of cricket.


Chetan Agarwal is incensed at the thought - They continuously terrify us by their terrorism and u Expect us to play a sport for entertainment with them...I think We should quit playing other sports too with or against them...


Hash from Dubai watches only India vs Pak matches - This is surely needed. I am a professional and hardly find time for cricket anymore but today it kept me intact in front of the screen. I only watch Ind vs Pak, the mother of all matches. After the semi final in world cup today I watched cricket again... So Why not give us some more treats by regular play. If venue is the issue then let's go to UAE and play. You have all the best reasons for playing cricket in this part of the world. You have the best grounds, facilities and
above all you have millions of Indians and Pakistanis. What an amazing atmosphere could be created in these grounds. Bring it on and let's play. 


AUTHORITARIAN from Lahore feels undue importance is given to cricket - I believe that media of both countries give importance to the cricket and play with the feelings of the peoples of both countries, did you watched former indian, pakistan cricketers on GEO TV before 1 day from the match. Why media does not invite hockey players on TV before the match. Everybody knows india lose against Bangladesh, but if india lose to Pakistan, everyone started fault finding in management and players. We should be calm.

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