30 Days, 30 Questions: Is Saeed Ajmal's bowling action suspect?

Senior Indian cricketers have spoken to ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat over the Pakistan spinner's action.

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Question: The controversy over Saeed Ajmal's action has been reignited after senior Indian cricketers reportedly spoke to International Cricket Council Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat over the Pakistan spinner's action.

However, Lorgat said Ajmal's action is legal and that there are no problems with his action, adding he bowls within the allowed degree of tolerance. As per the ICC rules a bowler can straighten his arm up to 15 degrees, beyond which his action will be deemed illegal.

A Times of India report said the senior players feel Ajmal, who had figures of 9-0-49-1 in Pakistan's six-wicket defeat to India yesterday at Dhaka, chucks while bowling.

This is not the first time questions have been raised over the legality of Ajmal's action. His action was first questioned during a ODI series against Australia in 2009 before it was cleared after remedial work by experts. But, fresh questions were raised about Ajmal's action after the off-spinner took 24 wickets in the three-Test series against England in Dubai.

Do you feel Ajmal's action is suspect or is it good enough to be deemed legal?

Post your responses below. We will republish the best ones.


[Update, March 20]: Thanks for your comments. As anticipated, this question elicited some strong yet cynical reactions. After sifting through the lot, some of the best responses are republished below. 

Amal Biyani - His action looks cleaner than Murali's so I guess it might be alright and if not then surely the umpires or the higher officials would have caught it. As long as he is not questioned he is good to go.



Captain PK Sethi - Ajmal is already bowling Doosra and Teesra and who knows he might invent ' chautha' but his action looks suspect. Yesterday (Sunday) I even saw Indian coach immitating his action while sitting in pavilion and trying to prove his point to someone.Legality or Illegality has to be decided by ICC and they have cleared him so we have to bear him ( Even the highest wicket taker of the world Murlidharan is a chucker in the eyes of many, most importanly our ex-captain and a great spinner Bishan Singh Bedi). So Good luck to Ajmal and be prepared to face him. It is a part of life, what can not be cured must be endured.


Maddy - There is a genuine look needed to his action while he delivers a ball as there is lot of change of degrees of his elbow, when ever he goes for variation in his bowling as off break to arm ball or his doosra..


Anshuman - yes his action is suspect..but my problem is not with the arm but with the stop he takes for a second..ICC must have some time limit to which a bowler can stop his arm..This seems to be unfair that he stops just before releasing the ball unlike other bowler who used to stop in the mid of their action..


Anand - no its not true at all he's a good bowler with nice action.


Sanjeet_the_jatt22 - im kinda leaning 50/50 on this one, looks suspicious but meh he is cleared so i guess its alright.


Bhaskar - One thing is pretty sure its not the best of actions.I think his regular off break ball is ok,but when he bowls doosra there is some element of doubt.The videos also show his elbow bent,but we can't decide if it violates 15 degrees or not.

ICC should take this seriously and react quick.(immediaetly after the Asia cup).Biomechanics of the bowler should be checked ,the results should be published. And if found guilty he should be banned.(Or May be he should be asked not to bowl doosra any more!)

If not Ajmal should consider this as a bad phase in his carrer and move on,just like Murali did.


Observer - His action looks suspect. If you watch his hand movement from the time he starts the bowlong action to the position he reaches when delivering you will notice my suspicion. Malinga also has an added advantage by the slinging action as it is posssible to keep the ball low. ICC should rule that only overhead bowling should be allowed to keep the bowling field level.


Muhammad - Rubbish, No Problem with his action, he has perfect action, there is no controversy in it. He is a classy bowler when batsman fail to understand these kind of tactics is being placed in media to demoralized and disturb the world class spinner.

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