30 Days, 30 Questions: A ROTFL moment

A cricket moment that had you rolling on the floor laughing your head off

Today in 30 Days, 30 Questions:

New Zealand's Lou Vincent loses his trousers in an ODI against West Indies.

Question: We as fans take the game of cricket mighty seriously, but once in a while comes a moment which forces us to laugh our heads off. Did you have such a moment? Share them with us.

Please post your answers in the comments below and we will republish the best ones.


[Update, March 22]: Thanks for your responses. The notable ones:

Captain PK Sethi

In one of our matches against Sri Lanka, our great Navjot Singh Sidhu did a little sit-up exercise before going to bat and his trousers got ripped from behind. He took the shirt out and went very confidentally to bat. As soon as he took the stance the fielder at short-leg shouted, "Oh, what scenery" and Sidhu had to go back to pavilion, change his trousers and return to play.


India-SA Test Match at Johannesburg 15-19 Dec, 2006. There was a lot of fun when S Sreesanth came to the crease and Andre Nel bowled him a sorter, following it up with some verbal lashing.

Next ball, Sreesanth spotted a slower ball, made some room, walked down the pitch and lofted it for a straight six, and then ran down the wicket twirling his bat in the air and dancing at the non-striker’s end.