30 Days, 30 Questions: A player that you once liked...

... but now dislike.

Today in 30 Days, 30 Questions:

Today's Question: We all our favourite cricketers and heroes. And naturally, we have expectations from them. Is there a cricketer that you once liked immensely but now dislike? Did he not live up to your expectations?

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As expected, the taint of match-fixing is a major grouse that fans have against players they grew up worshiping. Here's a pick of the best comments.

Mandar feels betrayed by Mohd. Azharuddin: The most stylish and wristy batsman. But unfortunately in 1999 he was charged with match fixing.

Layman agrees: Mohd. Azharuddin - I liked his way of playing and fielding. But when he didn’t live up to his reputation in his private and public life, I was disgusted. Finally, his joining the Congress, the den of corrupt hooligans, is unforgivable.

Mohammed thinks it’s Virender Sehwag who has fallen out of favour: The prince of Delhi has been in disastrous form for the past few months. I used to cherish his bludgeoning and devastating play in ODIs. Sadly, many have watched his attacking style in videos and he is in the doldrums now.

Sumitra is willing to stir up a hornet’s nest: I want to name Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting. I think Sachin has become very selfish. I know this comment will draw a lot of flak from people.Ricky Ponting, though now retired, made several gestures towards Indian players that hurt our sentiments.

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