30 Days, 30 Questions: A moment that brought tears to your eyes

Cricketing moments that would pale even Karan Johar's tear-jerkers.

Today in 30 Days, 30 Questions:

Was there a cricketing moment that brought tears to your eyes?

That moment.

Yahoo's Answer [By Khristina Rohan Jacob, Lifestyle Editor]: I lived in Calcutta, the city that breathes cricket. I followed the game too, but that was a long time ago.

Cricket was in the family. My father, sister and I were mad fans of the game. I imbibed this eat-drink-sleep-cricket attitude from the time I could understand the functions of a bat and ball. Being emotional supporters of the game, shedding a tear or two was frequent, as was hugging each other with joy, or making the loudest possible noises by beating spoons on steel plates, or getting into debates to enhance my knowledge of the sport. But I'd like to share the two most emotional, tear-filled moments of mine as a cricket fan.

Here's the first. It was in the late 80s. I don't remember who India were playing, but it was late in the night when we won. I remember cheers and screams; people in trucks drove around chanting "India, India"; there were fireworks and holi colours. In short, Calcutta was celebrating. I was so happy that I cried myself silly. That night my dad, sister and I walked down from our house to the main road. We found a lone pan shop open at that hour; my dad bought a huge packet of sweets. On our walk back home, my dad, sister and I distributed candy to every celebrating group on the way. That was the beginning of my true love for the game.

The second moment was the infamous World Cup semifinal between India and Sri Lanka in 1996. These were tears of disappointment, sadness and frustration. I saw the wickets fall, Vinod Kambli cry and Eden erupt into a mad bottle-throwing frenzy. I lost control. I ran into the next room and bawled my eyes out. And this was probably what triggered the downfall in my love for the game. That was the last time I cried for cricket.

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Atif Ali Khan speaks of the time when a moment was sad for some, joyful for others:

:'( When Sreesanth took Misbah's catch in the World T20 final and Pakistan lost by just four runs. That was the moment which brought tears in the eyes of people of both nations.

Bhaskar has filled a few buckets, it seems:

When it comes to cricket, Indians are emotional. There are many moments when I was in tears. But mostly they are tears of joy!

The first, when India won the T20 world cup final. Then, the World Cup quarter-final against Australia when Yuvraj scored the winning runs. And finally when Dhoni hit that six to lift the World cup 2011. (First world cup win after I was born). It was a moment of joy. A friend of mine came all the way just to celebrate.

We did not shout with joy, only shed tears and had smiles of pride in our faces. I can predict a moment when most Indians will not only be tears, some may even go mad, some speechless, some may even die of shock - when Sachin Tendulkar retires. Hope it does not happen soon.

Amal Biyani says:

When Sachin raised his bat after completing the 200th run against South Africa in Gwalior, my eyes shed tears in admiration of this champion, rightly the God of Cricket. But also the crying face of Vinod Kambli after the 1996 WC semifinal still brings tears in my eyes. It's hard to put aside the low moments of the game.

Harini says:

The winning moment in World cup 2011. Teammates carrying Sachin in their shoulders.

Raiz says:

Yes, this is the occasion I also cried... when India lost to Sri Lanka in the World Cup semifinal. I was only 14 then. Another instance is when India lost to Pakistan in the Chennai Test of 1999.

MH Rizvi says:

The day The Greatest Batsman Sunil Manohar Gavaskar retired from Test cricket. Grinding the the great fast bowlers will not be seen again. Alas.

Captain PK Sethi:

When India, a non-starter, won the World Cup final against the mighty West Indies in 1983. Tears were out of sheer joy. Such is the glorious uncertainties of the game and charisma of the divine hand.

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