11pc drivers have had sex in their cars

Melbourne, Oct 31 (ANI): A new survey has found that 11 percent of drivers have had sex while driving.

The new online survey from the US has revealed some interesting trends on how much "living" goes on in people's cars - whether it be eating, using their phone or having sex, the Age reported.

The Scout GPS survey, which involved 2034 participants, found that 11 percent of drivers admitted to having sex while driving.

Men were three times more likely to admit to participating in sexual activity than women (17 percent and 5 percent respectively), and were also overrepresented when it came to flirting with another driver (twice as likely).

Forget easy-to-handle hamburgers while behind the wheel - 13 percent of people admitted to eating something with a utensil while driving.

The survey also revealed some intriguing figures on what people would do if no-one was watching.

Nine percent of respondents said they'd drive naked, 15 percent said they would have sex, 30 percent said they would pick their noses and 54 percent admitted they would sing out loud.

The study revealed some more concerning trends about mobile phone use, with 19 percent of participants admitting they had checked social media, email, or played games whilst driving, and 60 percent confirmed they had used a phone in some capacity. (ANI)


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