10 Annoying Habits for Which Men Resent their Wives

While for most women, not getting their husbands' time and attention becomes a major issue for an argument, but for men it is just the opposite. Men need their space, and they love it too. Small things, like leaving the toothpaste cap in the sink, can make wives get all worked up, but it is not a big concern that would bother their husbands. Just as women find certain habits of their husband to be annoying and irritating same goes the other way around as well. So, let us reveal to you ten such annoying habits that men cannot tolerate in their wives.

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Empty fuel tank


This is one thing most women specialise in. No matter how many times their husbands tell them to keep an eye on the fuel tank meter, when using the car, women somehow find it impossible to locate a fuel station around them.

Treating them like kids


While it is true that most men refuse to grow up, they still don’t wish to be treated like kids. Treating them this way might make them feel that you are undermining their position in the house.

Unending volley of questions


Instead of watching the movie quietly and understanding the plot as it unfolds, most women love to ask a million questions while it is on (‘Who is he?’, ‘What do you think he wants?’, ‘Do you think she will survive?’). Not only this, men find it irritating when they wives keep calling them to ask them what they are doing or where they are or did they have their food. Watching television, playing a sport or just chilling with friends are a few things men enjoy and would rather do it without their wives constant questioning.

Constant criticism


Most wives have a habit to nag about almost everything. Wives would constantly criticise their husbands for all the things that they do wrong, but would hardly be appreciative of their good deeds. This makes men feel that no matter whatever they do, it is never good enough for their wives.

Involving a third person


Not only do women like to flaunt their healthy relationships, some also like to flaunt their fights. They like the sympathy they get from a third person by proving their men wrong. Men are the exact opposite of this; they would never like to ‘wash their dirty linen in public’. Men don’t like involvement of any third person in their relationship; they feel it is an invasion of their privacy.

Attempting to change them


Some women have a tendency to forcefully bring changes in their men. They fail to understand that for two people to be in a happy marriage, it is not important for them to be alike. Unlike men, they fail to understand that opposites do attract, and their wives should accept them just as they are.

Not consulting them


Men like to be consulted before any major decisions are made. It makes them feel important. Mostly, money is the main reason of discussion behind issues. Seeking their advice before making expensive purchases, like buying a washing machine, a dishwasher, etc., will make them feel more involved in the household decisions.

Ignoring his advice


All women (mostly all) like to take their husbands along while going out for shopping. While in the trial room, they try on a hundred outfits and ask their husbands for their opinions. No matter what their husbands say, they ultimately chose what they like. For men, the most annoying part is when they do not pick up even one outfit after spending hours trying on so many. Well, who won’t get irritated with that!

Barring love making


This is one thing that most women use as a weapon in a relationship. Men express their love through physical intimacy. A problem faced by almost all men is that whenever there is a discord, their wives decide to withhold sex. This not only hurts their feelings but also makes them feel unwanted.

Doubting him


When their husbands look at other women, most wives become paranoid. When they do this, it makes their husbands feel that they don’t trust them. Women need to understand that men are only visual creatures. It is their tendency to appreciate beauty. Looking at other women does not signify that they might go and have an affair.


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