My Take


What are elections?

A time for making forced connections,

Beaming politicians with false affections,

All efforts aimed at wrong directions.

Politicians giving speech of needs, of greater deeds,

After elections ' forgotten, dead, they are dried seeds,

With politicians in their high set boots,

Ever ready for vote's brazen loot.

During elections, all through the town,

Tempers are flaring, emotions all up and down,

New promises in every way, each for a new day,

Electorate has no say.

Each pointing to the others loopholes, It's the best way to achieve their goals.

Appointed villains come into view,

Causing much of a curfew.

Allegations and counter-allegations, that's when comes into view ' inflation.

It's all about competition,

Announcing public strife becomes the common knife.

Poor loser turns into opposition, lucky winner starts to boast. For politics has now become a corrupt nest. Staying away seems best. Elections, all about forced connections, false affections.


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