‘Bully’ Vinod Kambli cries racial abuse

Kambli claimed that he was called a ‘bully’ which means ‘black Indian’.

MUMBAI: While his compatriot Sachin Tendulkar has rewritten many cricket records, his one-time friend and former cricketer Vinod Kambli seems to be rewriting the dictionary.

Kambli filed a police complaint at the Bandra police station late on Thursday night alleging that a foreigner taunted him racially by calling him a ‘bully’, which according to him means ‘black Indian’. Kambli, who resides in Bandra’s Jewel Apartments, got into an argument with a woman tenant in the building over a parking issue.Vinod Kambli: No substance in his allegations.

He then marched off to the Bandra police station where he filed a complaint against the woman claiming she racially abused him.

Later on, while speaking to media persons, Kambli claimed that he was called a ‘bully’ which means ‘black Indian’. Perhaps he is not well versed with the English language as the word bully is used for a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

“I told her if she had a parking issue she should take it up with the chairman or the secretary, but instead she accused me of being a bully,” the former cricketer said.

MAIL TODAY has a copy of Kambli’s complaint which clearly indicates that he has only complained of being called a bully.

“ A foreigner lady came up and started yelling at me. She called me names. She even called me a racist. She said that I am a bully and threatened me,” the complaint says.

While he insists he was called a ‘ black Indian’ his complaint does not suggest so.

The Bandra police is not taking the complaint seriously and have registered a Non- Cognisable (NC) complaint. Police officials said that they might call up the woman to find out what exactly had happened.

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